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Some Updates

Hello, and Happy Friday!

I just wanted to pop in quick with some updates and things.  This post is going to be pretty random and all over the place so bear with me!

  • Just a reminder that if you’re looking for news about Baby Nigl, you’ll find it over on my new non-food-things blog Handprints and Pawprints. Most recently we found out the gender!
  • Since I’ve been on a coconut water kick recently, I decided to try the VitaCoco Kids Apple Island because I’m starting to get sick of my normal pineapple and lemonade flavors.  The juice was ok, but not my favorite.  The apple flavor wasn’t very strong (like if you were drinking straight apple juice) but there also wasn’t much coconut flavor either – which is a good thing. I’ll finish up the ones that I have, but I don’t think I’d buy it again.


  • If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that a few months ago I started writing “favorite things” posts each month. The last couple of months have been hard to write and still conceal the pregnancy, and as I started to write August’s post, I just felt like it was the same things as the past couple of months. Boring, right? I really like reading these posts on other blogs, but I just don’t know if I’ll continue to do them here.  It doesn’t seem to make sense when they are the same repeated favorites each month.  It’s possible just skipping August will get my groove back and I’ll have more interesting things to talk about for the September post, but we’ll see where that goes.  How do you all feel about them?  Love ‘em or leave ‘em?
  • Who is headed to Taste of Madison this weekend?! I don’t have solid plans yet, but I’ll likely be headed down there at some point.  Wondering what delicious things you should try?  Check out some of my previous recap posts from 2010, 2011, and 2012! (apparently I didn’t make it down there last year.)
  • A HomeGoods opened up in Madison and I’m super excited about it!  I stopped there briefly for the grand opening but the lines were to long for me to buy anything.  I’ll definitely be back!
  • And a goofy pug photo just for good measure.


Have a great weekend!

Restaurant Review: Lyfe Kitchen

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and am not being compensated in any way for this post.  As always all of the opinions are completely my own.

Before leaving town, we decided to stop somewhere quick for lunch.  Lyfe Kitchen was suggested and to be honest I was a little bit concerned that there wouldn’t be anything that I’d like there.  I mean, I like healthy food, but from what I had seen of this place it seemed too “granola” for my picky tastes. Fortunately, while there weren’t a ton of things on the menu that I was super interested in, I did find a couple of things that I thought about trying. (On the way out I saw some delicious looking pancakes with fresh berries that I wish I would’ve seen on the menu!)

I ended up ordering the Margherita Flatbread.


I was kind of skeptical about the whole wheat bread, because I’ve had it in the past at other places and in my experience it has been dry, or so thin that it didn’t even stay together, or just generally grainy.  This crust, however, was delicious.  I wish it had been a little bit crispier throughout (the edges were the best) but other than that I wouldn’t have ever known it was a whole wheat crust.  The pizza as a whole was quite tasty.  The sauce was actually really good and flavorful as well.

Taste: A, fresh and tasty.
Cost: A-, it did seem a bit on the high end, but considering the quality ingredients I was pretty reasonable.

Would I go there again? I’m not sure.  I do like knowing that there is at least something there that I would like if it happens to be one of the only options available.

Lyfe Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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