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#100HappyDays {Day 100 & Reflection}



Day 100! It is the end of my #100HappyDays project.

Though I really enjoyed doing this – and it felt a whole lot less stressful than doing one of the photo a day challenges with specific prompts – it did get a bit stressful by the end.  I don’t know if my days just got too boring, and I didn’t just want to post similar photos day after day, but it got difficult and a bit stressful.  That being said it was also interesting and fun to find something in every day that made me happy.  Even if it was something as small as getting dessert, or taking a nap, it was kind of great to find the good in days that didn’t seem so good.  I would definitely suggest the #100HappyDays project to anyone who wants to find the good in each day, and/or take more photos every day.  (This also helped me a lot with getting my Project Life spreads filled!)

Will I be starting over and doing it again? Not right away.  My brain needs a little break from the pressure of posting something every day.  But I do think I will do it again at some point. I’ve also thought about adjusting it a bit and doing like a 100 days of Olive, or 100 days of food, or something like that.

Anyone else currently doing the #100HappyDays project?


…what a grill needs. Whatever makes me happy sets you free.

Oh, sorry.  I just can’t help myself with the 90′s Christina Aguilera reference.

Full Disclosure: I was sent some new grilling tools from OXO to inspire my Summer grilling.  I am not being compensated for this post, and all of the opinions are completely my own.  

Grilled foods are one of my favorite things, but I don’t eat them often.  Getting these grilling tools from OXO was just what I needed to inspire a grilled meal. Well, that and the warm Summer weather!


My grilled protein of choice is generally chicken, and sides are generally some kind of potato and some kind of veggie.  Oh, and bread, always bread.

For this particular grilled meal we went over to my parent’s house since their deck and grill are more suitable for use than ours are for the moment.  Also, Olive really likes going over there, especially when there are grilled meats being made for some reason…


(Yes, I did actually eat grilled chicken, it had already been taken off the grill when the above photo was taken. Also, the tongs above are the OXO 16″ Tongs – great for those of us who don’t like standing too close to a hot grill when it is hot outside!)

As always when eating with my family, there were lots of food choices and lots of leftovers.  The spread included the meats above (with buns for sandwiches) plus chicken, cheesy pasta, roasted potatoes with cheese, and grilled corn. And of course chocolate cake and rice crispy treats for dessert.

One of the other tools that OXO sent me was a corn stripper.  I’ve always wanted to try one of these things so I was pretty excited to see it in the box of tools! I really enjoy grilled corn, but I don’t enjoy the kernels getting stuck in my teeth and corn juice and butter dripping all over me. (That kind of makes me sound like an old person doesn’t it…)  The corn stripper was pretty cool.  One thing that I really enjoyed about it – compared to just cutting the corn off with a knife – is that all of the kernels go into the device so they are easy to put on to a plate, or in to a dish, instead of them just kind of going all over the place.


I haven’t used all of the OXO tools in the box yet, but I am excited to try all of them – particularly the salad dressing shaker.  I’ve recently started to like balsamic and Italian dressing styles more, and I know those can pretty easily be made at home.  I can’t wait to try making them using this container!

I own several other awesome OXO products that I’ve bought on my own, like my favorite travel mug, kitchen storage organization, measuring cups, and more.  I really love the quality of their products, reasonable price, and that most everything is dishwasher safe!

Thanks OXO for the grilling tools, I will be having grilled food more this Summer because of them. ….do S’mores count as grilled food, or is that more of a campfire thing?

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