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Life Recently

One time I blogged on a regular(ish) schedule a few times a week.  That was before the busy season at work hit in the middle of trying to make sure we have everything that we need ready for Baby whenever she decides to come. (Which is hopefully not until January, but better safe than sorry!)  Long story short, blogging just hasn’t been the number one priority recently, which I am ok with, but I do miss having something to blog about (and having the time and energy to sit down and do it.)  As an example of where the time has gone, I started writing some of the things in this post about three weeks ago, and was going to be all about Fall things, which now seems a little irrelevant since the first official day of Winter is somehow right around the corner.  But anyways, I just wanted to share with you some random things that have been going on and show you that I didn’t just fall off the face of the earth. :)

I’ve been doing better some weeks than others with bringing lunches to work.  Some things that I’ve found make great meals as leftovers:

  • Chili. We use the Easy 5 Step Chili recipe from How Sweet It Is, and I love it.  I generally use ground chicken instead of beef, and we’ve been adding some brown sugar to the mix to sweeten it up a bit.  The recipe (even though we only make half) makes enough so that I have a few servings for lunches during the week.
  • Chobani Mac and Cheese.  I love this macaroni and cheese recipe because it feels kind of fancy since it is baked and topped with bread crumbs, but the addition of the Greek yogurt makes it much more filling than normal noodles and cheese.  And again, one batch makes for a few servings of leftovers that I can take for lunches!
  • Peanut Quinoa Stir Fry makes a ton of food, and decent leftovers as well.


The November featured FroYo flavor at Menchies was Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll. (Full disclosure: I was sent a gift card to try the new flavor.  I’m not being otherwise compensated, and as always, all of the opinions are completely my own.) This flavor was a limited edition and only guaranteed available through November, so I’m not sure if it is available any more.  It definitely was appropriate for Fall though! You can smell the cinnamon right off the bat, and they even have Cinnabon morsels that you can add if you want even more cinnamon flavor.  The featured flavor for December is Cocoa-Minty Holiday Cookie which sounds pretty appropriate for the season! (My favorite flavor at Menchies is still the Dole Pineapple which is amazingly similar to the Dole Whip’s sold at Disney World, and one of my favorite snacks.)

I tried Edamame. This was part of the quinoa stir fry dish that I mentioned above, and I’m definitely a fan.  It doesn’t have a very specific taste (in a stir fry dish at least) but to me it just kind of tastes like peas. Another healthy food choice for the win!

On my other blog, I am doing 25 Days of Christmas Music and posting one of my favorite Christmas songs each day.  I haven’t been perfect about getting one up each day, but I’m caught up again and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up for the rest of the time.


Recently, I tried the Panera Rapid Pick Up takeout system.  Have you heard of this? It is a fairly new concept, and I was a bit skeptical about it at first.  You order and pay online and then 10 minutes later (or at the time you specify) your order will be ready pick up and sitting on a shelf by the door which is in alphabetical order.  I guess I was most concerned that either my order would be messed up somehow, or that there would be so many different bags sitting on the shelving that it would be hard to find mine, or mine would get taken by someone else. Neither of those concerns were the case when I tried it though.  I got there pretty much exactly 10 minutes after I ordered, and my bag was sitting there ready to go.  I will definitely use it in the future during lunch time, it was such a time saver!

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping at night (#pregnancyproblems) and had been really trying to avoid napping during the day if at all possible because I was pretty sure it was just making the situation worse.  This week though, I’ve been embracing the afternoon naps.  Even though sleeping still isn’t great, it is much better if I just go to bed later, when I am more tired, and the only way to stay up later is to take a nap during the day otherwise I just crash around 9pm.  I’d rather be up until 11pm and wake up at a reasonable time than go to bed at 9 and be wide awake at 3am.

Speaking of being pregnant, I had two wonderful baby showers in the past month.  (I’ll be blogging about them at some point on the other blog) We have a few more things to figure out and put together before I can say we are really ready, but we are getting there.  I mean I guess we have the essentials if baby were to come early, but it would definitely not be ideal.  I’ll also be sharing some of the DIY things I’ve made for the nursery/baby on the other blog at some point, too.

I haven’t had any real pregnancy “cravings” (or at least anything that I would say is super out of the ordinary for me to want) but I’ve been all about the chocolate chip cookies recently.  Either home made (which are obviously the best warm out of the oven) or the thick and soft bakery kind.  The bakery at my local grocery store makes delicious ones, and the ones from Panera and Noodles and Company are pretty good as well. Oh the healthier side, I’ve also been loving all kinds of fruit (most recently pears) and also salads with balsamic or Italian dressing.

That’s what is new with me recently, what’s new with you?

31 Facts For 31 Years

Today I turn 31!  Crazy how time flies, isn’t it? Just the past year seems like it has flown by, not to mention the other 30!  In celebration of my birthday, today I thought I would share 31 random facts about me that you probably didn’t know.  (In no particular order)

  1. When I was a senior in high school, I took a trip with a bunch of other students (lots of whom were good friends of mine, including my now husband)  to go camping and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.  It was tons of fun, and also tons of work.  We camped and hiked for about a week (I think?) and it was a blast being in nature.  The trip ended on kind of a rough note though when there were bad storms that came and we were (a bit frantically) forced to all pile into a school bus and spend the last night in a random cabin that was near by.  Luckily everyone made it out ok, and we only lost a few tents that flew over a nearby cliff due to the high winds.
  2. I almost always knit with circular needles, even when not knitting in the round.  Everything just stays together better that way, and I feel like they are more compact than using long straight needles.
  3. My mom is allergic to cats and dogs, so as much as I wanted one growing up we couldn’t get one.  Pets I did have growing up: a budgie (aka fancy parakeet), gerbils, hamsters, rats, fish, newts.  Not all at the same time…well mostly at least.
  4. When I was in high school I won an award and had a piece of artwork hanging in (Then U.S. Representative, now U.S. Senator) Tammy Baldwin’s office.  There was a ceremony and I got to meet her and everything.
  5. In 2008 my hair salon was looking for models for an upcoming photo shoot to show off the new hair trends.  I got several inches chopped off of my hair, and had it dyed.  I had never had my hair that short, or had it professionally dyed before. That is also likely the most makeup I have ever worn.  It was equal parts awkward, scary. and fun…but I would probably do it again.
  6. The husband and I got engaged on our 7 year dating anniversary and married on our 8 year dating anniversary.  This year – on December 12th – will be our 13 year dating anniversary and 5 year wedding anniversary.
  7. I could eat a bagel with cream cheese every day of my life. Added bonus if it is a fresh New York bagel and fresh cream cheese.
  8. I went to three different colleges, two of which I was only at for one semester.
  9. Every year I get to go to New York City for work.  I love visiting there, and look forward to it every year, but I could never live there.  Too much commuting and traffic and crazy. (Which is too bad because there is so much delicious food, and sites to see, and other great things)
  10. Foods I don’t like and that are generally* a deal breaker for me trying new foods: peanut butter, bacon, hamburger.  No, I’m not vegetarian, or allergic, I just don’t like them.  In fact, peanut butter and bacon I also can’t stand the smell of.  (* I say generally, because there are dishes like the recent quinoa stir fry that I made that uses peanut butter in the sauce, and I’m ok with that because it isn’t an overwhelming peanut butter flavor)
  11. When I was little I pretty much lived off of macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  And by little I mean pretty much through high school or maybe longer…
  12. I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging.
  13. Growing up I was a total tomboy, and played lots of sports.  Softball and basketball through middle school, soccer through my sophomore year in high school, and tennis all the way through high school.  We even went to the state tournament my senior year!
  14. I’ve always been a dog lover.  For a long time it was Dachshunds, then Cocker Spaniels, then (and currently) Pugs.  ….but really all dogs are awesome.
  15. For about 5 years I volunteered with the Dane County Humane Society.  I started out walking dogs (which is where I found out that Pit Bulls are some of the goofiest and sweetest dogs) and then I volunteered with cats in one of their satellite locations, which is where we got Miss Kitty!
  16. Growing up I played piano and viola for several years.
  17. For a few years in college I gave up soda for Lent.  That is how I learned to love coffee.
  18. I drink peppermint lattes all year round…can’t wait to get back to that habit once baby comes!
  19. In high school and a lot of college, I drank lots of soda, especially Mountain Dew. Then, during one of the previously mentioned years where I gave it up for Lent, I just quit drinking soda pretty much all together. I don’t think I’ve haven’t had a Mountain Dew in years, and I rarely ever drink other soda anymore either.  If I do, it is a clear soda (Sierra Mist is my preferred choice) and usually that is when I’m not feeling well.
  20. Chili is one of my (recent) favorite cold weather meals. But I always pick around the beans. I can’t just make it without them though which might seem ridiculous, but I feel like they add flavor…and is it really chili if it doesn’t have beans?
  21. I played keyboard in the show choir band my senior year of high school.
  22. I can’t wait to go to Disney World as a family one day.
  23. Miss Kitty and Olive go to different veterinarians, and the only real reason is that we were living at different places when we got them both, so each place was more convenient at the time.
  24. In sixth grade I fell in gym class and broke my wrist.
  25. I am color blind. (no, that doesn’t mean I see in black and white, I just have a hard time distinguishing colors sometimes, and I can’t see any of those dot tests that they make you do at the eye doctor.)
  26. Mexico is the only place that I’ve traveled to outside of the United States.  No, I haven’t even been to Canada.
  27. 2015 will be my third year using Project Life as a memory keeping/scrapbooking system.  I was not much of a scrapbooker before I started, but now I love the system – especially since I now have an easy place to keep all of the trinkets and things that I can’t bear to part with!
  28. A have a collection of squished pennies.  You know, those things from the machines you find at amusement parks and museums.
  29. I have a bit of a monthly subscription box obsession.
  30. A couple of years ago I spent two weeks hanging out in California while the husband was working.  It was a fantastic vacation.
  31. If it was socially acceptable (and it didn’t’ seem weird to sing about snow in the Summer) I would listen to Christmas music year round.

Whew!  It was more difficult that I thought it would be to come up with 31 random facts!
I’m off to enjoy some birthday celebrations. (hopefully involving delicious food and cupcakes)

What is a random fact or two about you?!

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