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Apple Picking Time of Year

When I logged on to Instagram last Saturday afternoon, I think every other photo was one of an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch. We were one of those at the apple orchard last weekend, Fall is here!


We headed out to pick apples at Door Creek Orchard. A different place than I had gone the past couple of years, but an orchard in the area that I had gone to several times in the past.  Door Creek consists of two sections – an upper and a lower orchard.  It was pretty crowded so we parked near the upper orchard and headed there first to see what was available for picking.


The path to the upper orchard is up a hill.  A hill that is normally not a huge deal, but being pregnant has definitely slowed down my pace, so it was a bit more of a hike than I had anticipated.  In the upper orchard, besides apples, there are grapes to pick, and sheep!





There were only three varieties of apple available for picking in the upper orchard, so we decided to head down to the lower orchard to see what was available there.  In the lower orchard, besides the self-pick apples, they also have several different kinds that are already picked available for sale. I’m a fan of sweeter apples, and they didn’t have any of those for picking, so I decided to pick some McIntosh apples for baking, and then pick up some sweeter apples that had already been picked for eating.




The weather was warm, but there was a cool breeze so it was a pretty enjoyable time.  Although, it did get cloudy and start to sprinkle while we were there, which brought out the mosquitoes.  Even though there wasn’t a huge variety of self-pick apples available, the trees that were available to pick from were filled with apples.  Everyone at Door Creek was friendly and knowledgeable, and there were many families at the orchard enjoying their time.

I only wish they had apple cider donuts! Any Madison area people know of any local places with apple cider donuts??  I’ve seen tons of my East Coast friends eating them and they sound delicious!!

Currently {3}


…relaxing as much as possible.  The busiest season at work is going to hit very soon and I know being pregnant is not going to do me any favors in the energy department.  Trying to savor this down time while I have it.

…looooving this cooler weather.  I’m very happy that there weren’t very many super hot days this Summer, but I am so ready for Fall.

…awaiting chili weather.  It is getting cooler, but not quite cool enough to be excited for a bowl of hot chili.  I can’t wait to make that again.

…trying to eat more protein.  As someone who is not great about getting enough protein as it is, being pregnant (and knowing that I should be eating even more protein) is a little stressful.  Anyone have any tips for easy protein filled meals? Of note:  I don’t like beans, which I know is often a go-to easy protein source for people.

…thankful that my commute to work is about 5 minutes long.  Construction season is in full swing it going from one side of town to the other is a bit ridiculous.

…listening to lots of acapella music.  Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser, Street Corner Symphony, etc.  I wish The Sing Off would come back for another season!

…cannot believe that there is only around 100 days until Christmas.  I am way behind on my shopping this year!

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