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Toasted Garlic and Sweet Pea Pasta

Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of Rachel Ray. This recipe can be found in her “Express Lane Meals” cookbook.  I chose this recipe because it included (mostly) things that I like on their own, and it seemed pretty easy.  As usual, I picked a recipe that meant I needed to go pick up a few things before I could start cooking.  So I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Including this:

Three Blind Moose Wine

For the record I have NO idea what kind of wine to use for cooking when all that the recipe says is “white wine.” The only thing I’ve heard is to not use super cheap wine.  So I opted for a medium priced one.  I also liked the illustration on the label. 🙂

The other thing I picked up was this:

Rachel Ray Chicken Stock

I figured it would only be appropriate to use RR stock for a RR dish!

The only thing that I left out of the recipe were the onions.  However, I did go light on the red pepper flakes since I am such a wuss when it comes to spicy things.  We also used half peas and half corn for some variety – and since we had those already on hand.

Overall the recipe was not too hard, but it seemed like it took a whole lot longer than it should have.  That might be due to our not so perfect stovetop also though. Since it took us longer than the recipe assumed to make the “sauce” portion of the dish, it meant that our noodles were done way to soon.  We could have easily started them 10-15 minutes into cooking.

Toasted Garlic and Sweet Pea Pasta

That all said, it came out ok.  The peas did turn out a bit mushy – but maybe that was how it was supposed to end up, as one of the instructions is “with the back of a spoon, mash about half of the peas in the skillet.”  (I should also add that I generally like my peas just warm enough that they are defrosted, so maybe it’s just me) It was actually kinda bland as well.  Maybe if I had added the Onions, it would have been more flavorful? Or maybe I didn’t cook the garlic correctly so it lost its flavor?

Also, the addition of the cheese at the end was definitely needed.  Before that, it really didn’t seem very appetizing.  In fact, I think it could have used more cheese – specifically Mozzarella.  Because you can never go wrong with adding more cheese, right?

It wasn’t my favorite dish, but I did eat most of my serving, and the Husband actually went back for seconds!

Ease: B, maybe an A if it really was just our stovetop that was the problem. No strange ingredients or weird methods.
Taste: C+, not great, but I still ate it.
Would I make it again? Probably not without some changes. However, I might need to try it again on a better stovetop to see if that was really the problem.

Anyone have good suggestions for how to pick out wine to cook with?

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  1. I’d give taste a B . Ease was a C-, you didn’t have to chop the garlic and parsly.

  2. Looks like something I would eat–could you add chicken or tofu?

    • I think you could use chicken, – grilled or stir fried – but if you added tofu, you would want to make sure it was pretty dry. Grilled or baked would be best, otherwise I think it would just crumble into it and get really mushy.

  3. They say to cook with wine you would drink… which makes sense for me because I’m usually drinking a glass of it as I’m cooking… 😉

  4. Picking wines based on the label illustrations are the best way to go, in my opinion 🙂

    Also, I’ve never made a Rachel Ray recipe that actually took 30 minutes or less. She lies. That is all.

  5. For white wine, Yellow Tail chardonnay is good to drink and to cook with. Pretty inexpensive too.

  6. I love the new blog! Even if this recipe didn’t turn out how you hoped, the photos are great!

  7. I personally think the dryer the better, especially with white wine. Often if you pick one that is too sweet it can override some of the more subtle flavors in a dish. I think the pinot grigo is a pretty decent choice, just read the back of the wine to get a feel of what notes are being highlighted in it. As for cooking with red wine I think they almost all work, especially a good cabernet marinating a steak. yummmm. 🙂 keep up the good work I am loving the blog!!

    • Oh my, steak marinated in cabernet sounds sooo good!

      That is a good point to read the back of the label, not sure why I didn’t think of that! Huh, guess thats why I started a blog to learn new things about cooking! 🙂

      I’m excited that you are liking and reading it!! Yay!

  8. […] bit thinner than I would have liked, and the timing of the recipe was a bit off.  Like Kelly from Brownies & Zucchini, my pasta was done well before it was time to use it, so it sat around for a long […]

  9. It works a lot better if you puree the sauce

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