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Garlic Salmon Over Spinach

Today’s recipe comes from the PositScience Thinkfood Cookbook, and this week’s recipe is from Kristen Doyle who blogs over at Dine and Dish.  I was excited to find so many recipe possibilties at Dine and Dish!  Especially this one.  My Husband would love it….also Healthy Ashley seems to always be eating it, so it reminds me of her 🙂

(If you want the recipe, just head over to the Thinkfood page and sign up to get the free weekly emails. (Unfortunately the recipe page is no longer available))

I have never bought salmon before.
I have never cooked salmon before.
I have never eaten salmon before.
But, it has all kinds good things for you like Omega-3, so I thought I’d give it a try.  One bite is my only promise.

(Many thanks to some of my Twitter friends for the help with what to look for when buying salmon! )

I should start with my journey to buy salmon.  After leaving once, too overwhelmed to make a decision about salmon, (who know there were so many different varieties and cuts?) I headed back to Sentry. (oops, apparently they are now called Metcalfe’s Market.  It will always be Sentry to me.)  After staring blankly at the loads of fresh seafood, the nice man behind the counter got me some salmon. The filets that he cut ended up being closer to 5oz each (the recipe calls for 4oz filets), but I wasn’t gonna be picky.  Here is what I ended up with:

At this point, I was actually pretty excited to cook and eat it.  I had finally bit the bullet and bought it, so now it was time to cook!

Once I figured out if I was supposed to leave the skin on the fish, (I did) and how to steam the spinach (Yes, I had to look this up in one of my favorite cookbooks: How to Boil Water) the actual cooking part was not hard. It was actually pretty easy, and quick!  Here is the final product:

Salmon and Spinach

I surprised myself with this, but overall I would say I actually liked it!  It was really garlicy, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I think I need more practice steaming though, the spinach was pretty mushy.  The pepper part of the lemon pepper seasoning was a little too peppery at times, but it definitely was not overwhelming.  Also, I didn’t really measure the seasoning, so maybe I put too much on….but it didn’t seem like it so maybe I’m just sensitive to peppery tastes.

Ease: A, total cooking time is about 10 minutes.  Also, the timing in the instructions is perfect.
Taste: A-/B+, the salmon was good, but the spinach was not great.  Surprisingly though, I was full afterwards, so I guess that is a good thing considering it didn’t seem like a lot of food.
Would I make it again? The salmon, yes.  The spinach, I just don’t think I ‘m a huge fan of spinach, and the mushiness definitely wasn’t appealing.

Any advice for me on how to steam things without making them mushy?

I am making some awesome sounding desserts for Fourth of July this weekend, so stay tuned!

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  1. This look really good! I’m always looking for new ways to eat fish, I’m really bad at cooking with it. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice on steaming things. We just eat a lot of mushy stuff in my house. 🙂

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