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Marinated Chicken Kabobs and Corn Salad

Tonight’s dinner can be found in the July/August 2010 issue of Everyday Food. (with a quick google search, I also found a copy of the recipe here.)  I really like this little magazine because the recipes always include foods that are in season, so you can cook with fresh ingredients. Also it takes up a lot less space than larger magazines and is more concentrated with recipes instead of being full of ads.

And, I won’t lie, this photo on the front is what convinced me to pick it up:

This recipe was in the “cooking for one” section, but I just doubled it for the two of us.

The process wasn’t super easy, but really not hard – well, once I figured out how to cook the corn.  I’ve only ever cooked corn on a grill, and we don’t have a grill so I had to find an alternative.  I chose to boil it.  It worked, but I still like the tasted of grilled corn better.  But at least I went for the corn on the cob not the frozen corn, right?

After I figured that out, everything else was not too bad.  Marinating it for an hour actually was perfect timing for tonight since I had just enough time to get it started before I was off to Yoga before dinner.

Here is a look at the final product:

Chicken and Corn

It turned out pretty well.  The chicken was a little bit dry, but not bad at all.  And actually the arugula and corn tasted pretty good together, the slight bitterness of the arugula and the sweetness of the corn evened each other out.

If we did have a grill, I think I would have grilled the corn and the chicken.  That I would definitely like to try.

Ease: B, it did involve a bit of prep, but nothing too complicated.
Taste: B, nothing bad about it, but not one of my favorites.
Would I make it again? Yeah, I think so. Even though it wasn’t spectacular, it was really fresh tasting and a nice change from the other noodle and rice based dishes that I like.  It also would be easy to adjust to different amounts of people, I see why it was in the “meals for one” section.

Do you have a cooking style that you enjoy more than another?
I really enjoy grilled food, probably a close second would be stir fried.
Although, right after  I typed the words “cooking style” it reminded me of The Melting Pot.
Which reminded me of chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.  Delish.

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  1. I dont keep up with many blogs that post recipes and talk about healthy eating or anything, because at this stage in life, I dont have the means to do very much.
    I really like that you conclude with Ease and Taste grades and whether not you’d choose to make it again. 🙂 Did you see that someone else or come up with it yourself? Either way, it’s genius.

    • I haven’t seen it anywhere else, I just thought it up because it helped me evaluate the recipe. At some point I might add a “healthyness” grade as well, but at this point it is more about adding variety. Also, a “healthyness” grade for most of the desserts I make would probably be pretty ridiculous. 🙂

  2. beautiful pic of the finished product! and I bet it would taste better and prob be less dry on the grill too. oh! and I agree about loving the grades at the end! 🙂

  3. I would definitely eat this. It looks delicious.

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