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Chicken and Pecan Enchiladas

This week’s PositScience Thinkfood recipe is from Pam over at Project Foodie. You can find the recipehere. (Unfortunately the recipe page is no longer available 🙁 )

I started a page on the blog for the Thinkfood recipes, so that they all can be found in one place.  Check it out! 🙂

This is number 4…..out of 50……I have a ways to go.

Sooooo….let me tell you up front, I was not excited to make this dish.  If I was to take out all of things in the recipe that I don’t like, it would leave me with chicken, garlic, lemon juice, flour tortillas and mozzarella cheese.  (ok, that actually sounds pretty good by itself.) Even buying some of the ingredients was rough.

Apparently working at Rocky Roccoco scarred me for life with garbanzo beans.  I used to have to refill them on the salad bar…..aaaaand I will spare you the rest of the details. 🙂 Seriously though I think they are one of the grossest things.  Especially when canned.  Eeew.

Garbanzo Beans

I ended making the meal at my parents house….in hopes that it wouldn’t all just go to waste and maybe one of the four of us would like it.  And, it always helps to have extra help chopping and dicing. It turns out, their house has much better lighting than ours as well.

This recipe is more complicated than most others that I have made.  There was lots of prep work – chopping and steaming and broiling….oh my! 🙂  I tried to go into this recipe with a positive attitude, I really did.  But once the chopping and dicing was in full effect, my eyes were already burning from the onion and pepper smells.  Not a good sign.

One of the first things you do in the recipe (after a bunch of prep) is make the sauce.  In a blender.  Well, at least those stinky garboanzo beans go into it so I don’t have to see them.  It turned out to be very pretty and green.


Once all of the ingredients are combined, and tortillas are wrapped, into the oven they go.  Here  is the final product:

Chicken Pecan

Here are my thoughts:

1) It was not spicy – I thought it would be because of the peppers. In fact, my Husband said that it would be better if it was more spicy.
2) I actually did not mind the taste of the green sauce – despite the dreaded garbanzo beans.
3) The onion and pepper flavors were too much for me – it was not that they were spicy, I just didn’t like the flavor.
4) Pecan is in the name of the recipe and they is very little pecan in it – it definitely did not taste nutty.
5) Each serving was a lot of food.  Definitely no need for a side dish with this one.

Ease: C-, it took a really long time to make and was rather labor intensive.  With four of us working on it, It took close to 2 hours before we were sitting down eating.  Nothing hard, just a lot of work.
Taste: C-, Ok, if it isn’t obvious by now, I did not like this recipe.  But not for the reasons I thought.  I thought it would be spicy and unbearable, because in my head pepper = spice, and it was not.  I just don’t like the peppery oniony taste – or really the smell even.  Maybe someone who liked those things more than I do would like it though.

What is the least favorite job you have ever had?
Although, I do think working food service was a good experience to have – at least regarding the customer service aspect.  But the whole food part, I will never do again.  Not to mention that I was 18, had been working there for 2 years, and was a “shift supervisor” when I quit.  There is just something not right about that.

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  1. When I worked at the Esquire I was a busser there and had the same sort of grossness about the tartar sauce that you have about the garbanzo beans. Hmmm I wonder if Spencer feels that same way since I roped (which I now regret) him and John into working there too. Ahhh the days.:)

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