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Fruity Couscous Salad

In an effort to use up the rest of the couscous that I had – as well as some other things – I went searching for another simple couscous recipe.  I found this one on allrecipes.com.  You can find the recipe here.  I did change the recipe so that it made only 3 servings instead of the 8 suggested.  On allrecipes.com you can put in how many servings you want and it will recalculate the ingredient list for you.  For those of us who don’t like to do math, that is an awesome tool!

I’m getting the hang of cooking couscous!  The way that Savvy Julie explained to me how to make it is not hard at all.  Put couscous and water in pan, let it cook until most of the water is absorbed.  Easy enough for me!

Making this salad helped me use up extra couscous and scallions from the Garden Vegetable Couscous, the dried cranberries that I forgot to put on my Grown Up Fruit Salad, and the leftover almond slivers from the Spicy Almond Soba Noodles.

All of the ingredients except for the couscous:

Fruity CouscousLets try that again with the scallions:

Fruity CouscousPretty colors 🙂

Here it is, all mixed together:

Fruity Couscous

The recipe suggested that I eat it cold or at room temperature.  This must the traditional way to eat couscous?  I have no problem with it warm either. In fact, as I am eating it cold for lunch right now, I think I prefer it warm.  Or at least not right-out-of-the-refrigerator cold.

Overall it tasted good.  I really liked the sweetness that the apricots bring to it, and the cranberries weren’t bad either.

On a less positive note, I am not a fan of scallions.  The flavor is too strong for me.  They definitely didn’t ruin the whole dish, but I could have definitely done without them.

The same goes for the cumin.  I don’t really like the smell, but the taste isn’t bad in small amounts.  Not one of my favorites though.

Ease: A-, some chopping and measuring involved, but nothing really that hard.
Taste: B, not too bad.  I definitely do like couscous on its own, and the apricots added a good sweet flavor but I’m not sure about the cumin.

Would I make it again? Not sure.  If I did, it would be without the cumin and green onions.  Maybe I would add different kinds of dried fruits to it instead?

I’m a huge fan of eating leftovers for lunch, are you?

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