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  • Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I am a picky eater. On this blog I share recipes, new (to me) foods, restaurants, and products that I try in an effort to expand my tastes. You might also find me talking about my pug Olive, Miss Kitty, Project Life, my journey with running, and more! Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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Odds and Ends

If you are viewing my posts in a feed reader, or email I suggest you click over now, I have some new things to show you! ūüôā

On the left hand side of the blog I have some new things going on.  Fun things that might not make sense to all of you so I will take some time to explain them.

Thing #1

What is this all about? ¬†In a couple of weeks I will be going down to Chicago for Healthy Living Summit. ¬†Healthy Living Summit is a gathering of lovers of health, food and fitness. ¬†There will be presentations on food and health related topics, yoga, and even a visit to the Frito Lay factory! ¬†I’m pretty excited and will be sure to report back to you about all of the great things that went on during the summit. ¬†Head over to the HLS website for more information.

Thing #2

Handmade Christmas 2010

My friend Heather, who writes over at ThenHeatherSaid has started a campaign to make 2010 a handmade Christmas. ¬†If you know me at all, you can imagine how excited I am about this! ¬†Being a generally artsy and crafty person, I am definitely up for this challenge. ¬†If you go to this page on Heather’s blog, you can check out the guidelines that Heather set for herself. ¬†She also just announced that there will be many more posts to come between now and December to help everyone out with this challenge. ¬†These include: giveaways, discounts, guest tutorials, and more! ¬†So be sure to stay tuned to THS for more fun with this project!

Thing #3

What in the world is #fitblog? Every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, there is a Twitter chat about health, fitness, food and more. ¬†Each week it is moderated by a different person who asks a few questions to start up conversation. You do not need to have a blog to join the conversation, just a Twitter account. ¬†ūüôā ¬†The easiest way of keeping up with the conversation is by using Tweetchat, and typing in the #fitblog hashtag. ¬†Just make sure to use the hashtag #fitblog so that everyone can see your tweets. ¬†You can find out more information about fitblog here.

Thing #4

Have you heard of Operation Beautiful? ¬†I have mentioned it before, when I did a recipe that was from the founder of Operation Beautiful’s other site, Healthy Tipping Point. Caitlin, the founder of Operation Beautiful, started the mission by encouraging people to post anonymous notes in public for other people to find – hoping this would spread kindness and love and end negative self-talk. ¬†People from all over the world send Caitlin photos of the notes that they have posted and Caitlin puts them up on the website. ¬†I think that Operation Beautiful is a really great thing for all ages/races/genders. ¬†Everyone can benefit from a little bit of positivity!

The next step for OB comes out this Tuesday (August 3) …..its the Operation Beautiful Book! ¬†Also, she will be interviewed about the book on THE TODAY SHOW on Thursday August 5th!! How cool is that? Caitlin is such an inspiring woman. ¬†I should ¬†also mention that she is also one of the organizers of the Healthy Living Summit that I mentioned earlier. ¬†Really awesome woman. ¬†I highly encourage you to check out both OB and HTP.


Since this post hasn’t been very food related, I thought I would leave you with this:

Cookie Mania

This fantastic book is straight out of 1988 and was my awesome garage sale find of the week. ¬†100 different cookie recipes. ¬†None of them look very hard. ¬†I’m exited for the possibilities.

In addition to my Thinkfood Recipe each week, I’m thinking about adding one cookie per week from the Cookiemania book. Everyone loves cookies right? ¬†Thoughts?

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  1. Hey! I just found you through alloveryoga on twitter.

    Your blog is adorable!

    Just thought I’d drop a note to say hi. I’m so excited about HLS as well…only a couple more weeks. I’m also going on the Frito Lay Tour, so I’ll see you there!

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