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Friday Fail

Apparently, after I made these delicious beautiful cupcakes, I needed to get knocked down a peg.  It is good to fail every once in a while, right?

Well, if thats the case, than making attempting to make these brownies last night was worth it.

Since the title of my blog is Brownies and Zucchini, I decided to make some brownies with zucchini.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I have already made cookies with zucchini and bread with zucchini so this sounded like a good idea.

After checking out the recipe, I noticed that it says to use an odd sized pan – 7×13.  Hmm… I didn’t have a 7×13 pan and it was definitely too late to go out and buy one.  Who uses these crazy sized pans anyways?  So I had to decide between the two similar sizes that I did have:  9×13 or 9×9.  I chose the square pan.  I am always a fan of thicker brownies, so I decided to make that decision.  Plus, I was afraid that they would be too thin in the 9×13 and they would just burn.

All mixed up and into the oven they go.  They did seem thick in the square pan – but not a whole lot thicker than normal brownies that I make.

The buzzer goes off after the recommended 25 minutes of cooking time.  I stick a toothpick in the middle and it doesn’t come out quite clean.  Back in the oven for two more minutes.

Next buzzer goes off.  I check it with a toothpick again and it comes out clean.  Out of the oven they come.

I set them aside and let them cool before I cut into them…..you know, so they’ll be set up nicely for photos. 🙂

I cut into them and put a brownie square on a plate.  Uhhh…..yeah these are definitely still about 1/3 dough.

Back into the oven they go.  Timer set for five more minutes.

About two minutes in, I checked on them.  They looked like they were getting pretty dark on top.  But they were pretty dark to start with….hmmm….

A minute later I check on them again (yes I am this obsessive, I really didn’t want them to burn!  I love brownies!) Still looking pretty dark and not really appearing to cook more….hmmm…..

The extra five minutes buzzer is about to go off.  I take them out of the oven.  Toothpick test comes out clean.  But they still look pretty gooey.  Maybe if I let them sit overnight, they will set up, possibly cook themselves a little more in the hot pan, and be all good in the morning.

Now it is morning.  I took another look at them.  Still no good.  Still mushy, mostly uncooked, brownie batter.

Zucchini Brownie Fail

What went wrong?

Well, obviously the number one thing was that I didn’t use the right size pan.  But I had done this before with no problem.  I did anticipate that they would take longer than the suggested time because of the thickness….but then they were on the verge of burning.

Hmm….maybe next time I will follow the directions more exactly 🙂

So, now I am sitting here with my morning beverages (coffee and White Lotus Punch) and Miss Kitty.  Thinking about what yummy treat I can make today to make up for this fail.

Friday Fail

(the Husand and the Pug are still sleeping)

Maybe something from Cookiemania?


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