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Quick and Easy Sweet and Sour Tofu

Last night for dinner, we made Sweet and Sour Tofu courtesy of Paige of Running Around Normal. You can find the recipe here.

If you haven’t already figured out, by previous posts, we are big fans of stir-fry type dishes.

Ok, I take that back.  I am a big fan of stir-fry’s and I am usually the one making the meal so those get made quite often.  🙂

The only real problem that I had with this recipe, is that some of the directions were a little bit confusing.  I’m sure this is at least in some part to do with my inexperience.  Let me clear up a couple of things that I thought were confusing.

This sentence:

Press tofu for at least three hours and marinate in a mixture the pineapple, maple syrup, vinegar, EVOO, and sea salt.

At first I was confused about weather this meant that I was somehow supposed to marinate it while I was pressing it?  But then I realized that if you have an actual tofu press – which I don’t – you couldn’t marinate and press at the same time.  Right?

Here is another thing that I was confused by:

Meanwhile, coat a pan with the coconut oil/spray and turn on heat to medium-low.

Again, I’m sure this has a lot to do with my lack of cooking experience, but I was slightly confused about what kind of pan I was supposed to be using.

Yes, folks, I need things to be as specific as possible.

It only took me a second to realize that I should not roast cashews in a saucepan….ahem….but it did cross my mind.

Other than those minor road bumps – which really I look at as a learning experience for myself more than errors in the recipe – the recipe was delicious!

Sweet and Sour Tofu

Of course, we also added some chow mein noodles to the rice….because that is standard stir-fry procedure in our house. 🙂

The sweet and sour sauce was definitely a keeper as well!  We have had a hard time in the past finding a sweet and sour sauce that we both like – something not too sweet or spicy – and this one definitely hit the spot. It tasted good, and it didn’t require a lot of work or odd ingredients.

Sweet and Sour Tofu

The only thing I think I would change next time would be to put less sauce on each serving.  The sauce was good, but it did start to get almost too sweet over the course of eating the meal.

Ease: B, it did take a bit of preparation and timing but nothing too horrible.
Taste:A, really good.  Sweet and delicious.

Would I make it again? Yes, definitely.

On a non-food related note, Weeds started back up this week!!
Weeds is one of my favorite TV shows.  It is funny and smart and entertaining all at the same time.
What is your favorite TV show?

3 Responses

  1. My favorite TV show would probably be… Community. I think. I don’t actually watch any TV anymore because I’m too cheap to pay for cable and/or buy an adapter to get the basic channels, but when I did have cable I enjoyed that show a lot :).

    PS – sardines are good… but if you decide to adventure into them, I highly recommend the low-maintenance de-boned ones. They’re a lot more intimidating (at least they were for me) when you have to pick the bones out!

    • Community is great!! Really all of Thursday night NBC is a staple at our house.
      Good for you for not watching TV! As fun it is, it is definitely a big time waster when you get sucked into shows.

      Ok, you are the second person to tell me that they like sardines……my opinions are starting to turn around….

  2. Glad you liked the tofu! I guess I should be more clear in my directions:) Press THEN marinate 🙂 I need to work on my recipe instructions skills! Glad it worked out well though 🙂

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