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Apple-Cheddar Egg Sandwich

Tonights dinner was inspired by the fantastic Rosey Rebecca.  A few days ago, she posted an Autumn inspired recipe that sounded SO good I decided I needed to try it.  You can find the recipe here.

I did change a couple of things in the recipe – just to substitute for what I had and could find locally.

Rebecca used a local Apple Salsa on her sandwich.  I could not find that at my grocery store so I picked up some local Apple Butter instead.

Apple Butter

Slacks Apple Butter is made by Slacks Jams and Jellies in Lodi, WI. Upon further investigation of their website, I noticed that they do actually make an Apple Salsa!  I need to find some of that……

Instead of the Arnold Sandwich Thins that Rebecca used, I used Thomas Bagel Thins!  I was lucky enough to try these at the Healthy Living Summit and I also recieved a coupon for them in my bountiful swag bag that I brought home from the event.

I am super picky about bagels, and I have to say, these are actually pretty good!  They definitely have that doughy bagel taste.  Better than I expected, thats for sure. They aren’t quite good enough to replace my daily Bagels Forever Bagel, but they do work great for sandwiches!

The last thing that I changed was that instead of using shredded cheese, I used sliced cheese that I melted on the bagel thin in the toaster oven.

I had never had Apple Butter before today…..but today will definitely not be the last time I have it.  I eat a fair amount of egg and cheese sandwiches – homemade and otherwise – and the Apple Butter was a great addition!  It added a bit of sweetness and definitely added more flavor to my normally slightly boring plain bagel with egg and cheddar cheese.  I’m pretty excited about this new discovery!

Here is the final product:

Apple Cheddar Egg Sandwich

Yum, yum and more yum.  Please note that this is listed under the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner categories.  This is because I could eat bagels any time of day.  I love them.

Ease: A, if you know how to scramble an egg, you can make this sandwich.
Taste: A+, I must admit that this tasted even better than I expected.  I love egg and cheese sandwiches, and the Apple Butter was added deliciousness.

Will I make it again? YES!!  I wish I had time to come home and make it for lunch tomorrow.

Anyone have other brilliant ideas of what I can do with Apple Butter?!?!

3 Responses

  1. Awesome!! Glad you loved it!

  2. dsklfsalhkrwehkfsdlfjksdfjsdflkjsd

    that’s the noise i made when I saw you had SLACKS! SLACKS! SLACKS!

    i am FROM Lodi, you know.

  3. Uh Guu Gaah… this sounds AMAZING.

    I love apple butter (totes reminds me of childhood!!) and I’m going to do this asap!! love egg + cheese. This is a natural addition that I kick myself for not thinking of!

    YEARS are lost! 🙂

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