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Chicago Inspired Root Beer Turkey Burger

This recipe comes from my friend Heather who blogs over at ThenHeatherSaid.  Heather was one of my awesome roommates for the weekend of the Healthy Living Summit, and even though she had quite a long journey to get to Chicago, she made it, and I am so happy I got to see her again!

While we were in Chicago, Heather, and a bunch of others, went on a Tastebuds Tour of Chicago.  The tour was sponsered by Arnold, and afterwards they hosted a contest for those who went on the tour to create a recipe inspired by the tour. Guess what? Heather WON the contest!!

Her winning recipe is here.  Go stop by her blog and congratulate her on this awesome accomplishment!

Alright, back to the recipe. 🙂

I’m sure all of you who know me IRL right now are thinking “You don’t eat burgers. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even eat a turkey burger, just because it has burger in the name.”  Well, you are partially right. I talked to Heather about possibly changing it to a chicken burger – because that is my meat of choice – and she assured me that it would taste just as awesome.

However, after some debating with myself, I decided to just go with the Turkey.  I was afraid that the flavors would me just not the same with a different meat. I definitely do not dislike turkey as much as I dislike beef, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try it.

This recipe does take a few steps to make, but nothing is too difficult.  It definitely helps that Heather’s directions are fantastic, so don’t let the fact that it has a few different steps scare you away!

I should also note, that while I was making the burgers, it seemed appropriate to be wearing my HLS tee shirt!  It really is one of the best tee shirts I own, I love it!

Chicago HLS(Clearly I need to take some self-photo-taking lessons from Gracie, her photos look much better than my attempt)

The only thing that I left off of the burger, was the caramelized onions.  I already know that I a not a fan of them, so I didn’t want them to ruin the flavor of the rest of the burger for me.  I also used Whole Grain White Arnolds Thins instead of the Rye that Heather used.

Chicago Turkey Burger

Overall I would say that they turned out well.  I ate one! I really did!  I ate a whole turkey burger.  I liked it, but the texture was weird to me.  I think maybe this is just because I am not used to eating ground meat.  I kind of couldn’t get over the fact that I was eating a burger.

I realized, after looking at the photo, that my burger was quite a bit thicker than Heather’s.  Maybe if I would have made it thinner, it would have cut down on the burgeryness?

It tasted good though!  I would definitely say that my first experience eating a burger in many many years was a good one. 🙂

Ease: B+, there is some prep work involved, but nothing too difficult.
Taste: A-, they really did taste good, I just had a hard time with the texture.  I’m sure anyone else who normally eats burgers would love them!

Would I make them again? It’s a definite possibility.  I know my husband would love it if I made burgers more often. 🙂

Do textures of different foods make you shy away from eating them?
I definitely have issues with this.  This burger was on the edge of what I can handle.  Greek yogurt is another thing that I like, but I have to get over the texture first.  As long as I put enough cereal and fruit in it, its all good! 🙂

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  1. I think some textures would bother me, but not most. I’ve tried most things, and it’s hard for me to justify saying that I don’t like something until I’ve tried it… And by trying it, I mean trying it made “the right way” and not by myself, so at least I know what it’s supposed to taste like before I shy away at all.

    So far, it’s worked, and I really just don’t like one or two things…

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