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Macaroni Lasagna

Last night’s dinner is courtesy of Lindsey at Sound Eats. You can find the recipe here.

Somehow while juggling Sounds Eats, school, and personal life, Lindsey is also the founder of the Healthy Living Blogs website.

See that pretty little widget to your left? (if you are reading this in a reader or email, click over and check it out!) I have that on my blog because I am a part of the Healthy Living Blog community.

The idea of the HLB website is to bring together the community of bloggers and readers.  This site is a fantastic resource if you are looking for new blogs to read, or if you are wondering if there are any Healthy Living bloggers in your area.  Lindsey and the rest of the HLB team have worked extremely hard to get this site up and running.  Even though they have been up and running for less than a month, there are already over 1,000 blogs listed!  I highly encourage you to check out the HLB site, you are bound to find your new favorite blog!

Back to the pasta!

I’ve never made “real” lasagna.  I have seen my mom make it many times though, and this seems much easier.

We left the meat out of the recipe, since we didn’t have it in the house…..and I prefer my lasagna meatless.  We also used half the amount of noodles – but still about the same amount of cheese.  By using only half the amount of noodles, we ended up with a more reasonable amount of pasta – enough for dinner for two and some leftovers.
I also chose a Shiraz for the wine……but really I chose it because I happened to have it on hand.  As I have mentioned in the past, I don’t really know much about wines when it comes to cooking or drinking.  I’m not gonna lie, I like the name and the label art so thats why I picked it.

Shoofly Wine

This was a pretty tasty wine though, both drinking it and as an addition to the sauce.

Overall I think it tasted good….but not great.  I think next time I would add more cheese and try a different sauce.  Maybe instead of just one layer of ricotta and mozzarella I would put two layers to try to distribute the cheese more evenly.  The crispy top layer is mozzarella is key though.  That definitely makes me think lasagna.

Macaroni Lasagna

Ease: A, nothing too difficult.
Taste: B, not quite perfect, but still definitely good.

Would I make it again? Yeah I think so.  With a little bit of tweaking this could be a really good one!

I know that “Healthy Living” is a pretty broad term to label with,
but what is your favorite Healthy Living blog right now?

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  1. Thanks for trying it! I can definitely see how some may want it cheesier, but for me (who used to be vegan and has sensitivity to dairy) this was still almost too much cheese! Did you add the extra garlic powder and oregano between layers and on top? Just curious, because that extra seasoning was what took it over the edge for me, and I didn’t see any on top of your cheese. Definitely try it next time, and don’t afraid to experiment with more flavors that appeal to you personally! 🙂 That’s the beauty in cooking. 🙂

    • I did add a little bit of extra spices, but truthfully I almost forgot to put them in between the layers! So it probably could have used more. 😉 More garlic powder definitely would be something to try! Lots of possibilities 🙂

  2. my favorite healthy living blog of late is probably Choosing Raw – It’s weird because i’m not vegan, nor am I a raw foodist. I dont care TOO much about the ethics behind my food (not YET anyway. i am putting off food inc and all books ethical eating becasue i know i will be convinced to change my view points) but i have found EVERY SINGLE post from Gena to be enlightening. I find myself interested to learn more about a raw diet and I love her philosophies on most things she discusses.

    My favorite FOOD blog, as of late, is Can You Stay for Dinner. Andrea is SUCH A STRONG WRITER. She is someone I want to “be like” when i grow up. I just adore her.

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