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Snickerdoodle Blondies

My life has been lacking desserts lately.  Busy days and nights lead to quick dinners and no time (or energy) to make desserts.

On Friday night, I picked out a dessert that I would make this weekend.  Something that I added to my to-do list, something that would get done.  Life is always better with a little dessert, right?

Sunday came around and I still hadn’t made the dessert.  It was going to get crossed off my to-do list, no matter what.  Other things could be moved around so that I could have my dessert.  So that is what I did.

And they were oh so worth it.

You can find the recipe here.

Snickerdoodle Blondies

They were easy to make, and SO delicious.

In case you needed a reminder, I am a HUGE brownie fan – but I have never really have blondies that I liked all that much.  At least nothing that could compare with delicious gooey chocolate fudgey brownies.

These are definitely a contender.

When I am not in the mood for chocolate (does that really happen?) these would be a great brownie replacement.  Still a soft and chewy texture, lots of flavor and goodness.

Ease: A, very easy.  In fact, if you bake often, I’m sure you have all of these ingredients already on hand.
Taste: A+, seriously these are so good.   They have been out of the oven for 2 hours and the pan is half empty.  I know it says to wait until they are cool to eat them, but they are even better when they are still warm.

Will I make them again? Most definitely.  So easy, and with things that I almost always have on hand!

Now I am off to watch the VMA’s, and chill.  Happy Sunday! 🙂

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  1. Those look good! I love snickerdoodles!

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  3. I made them last night. They are so easy and delicious!

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