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Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Today was a dessert day.  I made another batch of Snickerdoodle Blondies, the Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies that I will be shipping out to the winner from the CNC Blog Bakesale, and these Brownie Roll Out Cookies.

The other two desserts that I made are definitely favorites of mine, so I was hoping that these would be as well.

You can find the recipe here.

These were fairly easy to make, except that you do have to refrigerate them for at least an hour between steps.  My dough seemed a bit dry when I went to roll them out, but once it warmed up it seemed to work alright, so I don’t think anything really went wrong.

Brownie Roll Out

(That photo sure does make the look like chocolate pancakes.  They aren’t as big as it seems, the plate is small.)

They tasted just as  I expected them to taste.  Soft, chocolatey cookies.

These would be really great to decorate for Christmas cookies.  Since peppermint and chocolate is a favorite of mine, I would put some kind of peppermint glaze or even just sprinkle some crushed candy cane on the top of the cookies before they are baked.  I’m not a huge frosting person, but they would probably be good frosted like sugar cookies as well.

Ease: B, There was rolling out and cookie cutters involved, but nothing too difficult – just a bit time consuming.
Taste: B+, They weren’t quite perfect, but they were definitely good.  Like I said before, some kind of minty sugary glaze would be perfect!

Would I make them again? Yes!  I think they would make a great candidate for a Handmade Christmas gift.

This got me thinking about cookies that seem to be “standard” Christmas cookies.
Every year we make sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and a few others.
Are there cookies that you make for certain holidays ever year?
Sugar cookies are the most standard Holiday cookie that I can think of.  Christmas, Halloween, Easter – I’ve definitely seen them for lots of other more random holidays as well!

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  1. Mmm, those SOUND good…

    Yes, I definitely have my standard cookies I make each year… I have only recreated one of my cut-out recipes as gluten free so far, but I’m hoping to have more of them done by this holiday…

    I’m actually going to post my gf sugar cookie recipe later this week… post is ready but I sent some of the cookies to two friends and I don’t want them to see!


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