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Caramel Corn Cookies

Unlike the Potato Chip Cookies that I made previously, these do not involve crunching up caramel corn and putting it into cookie dough. The recipe is from the 2010 Better Homes and Gardens special Christmas Cookies magazine.  You can also find it online here.

I am a huge fan or caramel – and caramel corn – so I decided to try these cookies out.

I have tried putting bits of caramel in chocolate chip cookies before, and the results were disaster.  The caramel pulled out of the dough as I was taking them off of the cookie sheets.  I tried to let them cool on the cookie sheet to avoid this problem, well, then the caramel cooled and stuck to the cookie sheet.  Then, I got smart.  I put parchment paper on the cookie sheet so that I could let them cool and they wouldn’t stick to the sheet.  So I let them cool, and they came off the sheet clean, but the caramel got rock hard once they cooled – not good for a girl who likes her cookies soft and chewy.

Even though I had issues with the caramel before, this batter was different than normal cookie doughs, and the caramel definitely worked out better.  The pans were lined with parchment, the cookies came off clean AND the caramel still stayed pretty soft.  It was not ooey gooey caramel, but it was not hard as a rock either.  The cookies as a whole stayed pretty soft as well.

One thing that I overlooked at first was that the instructions say to let the cookies sit on the cookie sheet for two minutes after they are taken out of the oven.  This is, in fact, important.  Doing this lets the cookies set and cool a bit so that when you take them off they don’t just smoosh into a blob.

Here is what the final product looks like:

Caramel Corn Cookies

Yummy.  They look pretty, and they hold together well.  They would be great cookie exchange cookies, or just wrapped up as gifts.

I was kind of surprised when I saw the ingredients list called for peanuts.  It didn’t really fit the caramel corn mold that I thought of.  But clearly the people who put together this recipe are far more experienced at these things than I am.  The nuts added….definitely something….I but can’t really put my finger on it.  They did NOT taste peanut buttery, and really I don’t think I would be able to tell that there were peanuts in the cookies unless I was told.

They were very sweet like caramel corn and, I’m guessing because of the honey and caramel bits, they did have a caramelly taste.

Ease: A, nothing too difficult – unless you think balling cookie dough and rolling it in sugar difficult.
Taste: B+, they actually were better than I expected.  I am not a fan of nuts in cookies, but because of the caramel and the cornmeal the peanuts just kind of just blend in with the taste and texture.

Would I make them again? I’m not sure.  They would make a good gift giving cookie, and they are definitely something out of the ordinary.

Have you ever hosted a cookie exchange?
Is it as difficult to organize as  I would imagine?

3 Responses

  1. very PRETTY !! 🙂

    I have not hosted a cookie exchange – an easy way to do it would just be to have a “party” of sorts, and to attend the party each person is required to make, like, 2 dozen cookies or so… then everyone goes away with a few of each kind…?


  2. I’ve never hosted a cookie exchange – I think I’d want to go to one first before attempting my own though :).

  3. These look so good! And what a different and new flavor! I might have to make these for my 12 weeks of Christmas Cookies.

    I’ve never hosted a cookie exchange, but they seem pretty easy to do. Martha Stewart has some helpful hints (of course) on her website.

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