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Midwest Airlines Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I was on my way to Vegas, I remembered one of the things I LOVE about flying with Midwest Airlines: the warm chocolate chip cookies.  So, I got out my notebook and started writing a blog post about how much I love the warm chocolate chip cookies that are given out – for no extra charge – on Midwest flights.

Then, a couple hours into the trip, after beverages were served, I noticed the flight attendants handing out cookies.

The attendant came to my row, offered me a cookie, and I excitedly took it.  But something was wrong.  This was not the gooey warm melty chocolate chip cookie that I had remembered.  It was a cold, boring, could-have-come-out-of-a-chips-ahoy-box, cookie.


That’s not to say I didn’t eat it – I wasn’t about to waste a chocolate chip cookie.  However, I was kind of shocked that the thing I was in the process of writing about, was now totally wrong.

Some say that the cookies are now served cold because Midwest is now part of Frontier Airlines so the flight attendants don’t know how to bake the cookies….sounds like a lame excuse to me.

On my flight back from Vegas, I was browsing through the various random in-flight magazines and found this:


This is the story of the Midwest Airlines cookie.  It is a great story of kindness and giving.  I would hope that these cookies that delighted “millions of passengers” would not be thrown by the wayside to cut costs.

Whatever the case may be, I hope that Midwest doesn’t decide to get rid of the cookies all together, because as much as I was disappointed by the  fact that they weren’t warm, I would be even more disappointed if they aren’t there at all!  In a time where everything is more expensive and less things are complementary, please spare the cookies!

UPDATE:  From Frontier (via Twitter) @kellynigl The new Frontier is using the same cookie vendor as Midwest. Warm cookies coming soon, just waiting on additional equipment.

3 Responses

  1. That’d be terrible if they took cookie baking out of their training!!!

  2. aw… that should just be a part of their training, right?? I know it is not a big deal in the scheme of training and what they need to focus on in the air… but with so many changes (um, cuts) with in flight amenities, it would be good to keep those warm cookies…

    I bet they’ll hear from many frequent fliers and hopefully they’ll come back.

  3. Cookies on a flight? Yes please!

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