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One Month

What happens one month from today?


I’ll be doing a happy dance.

Chip N Dale


One month from today I will be turning 27!  But that is not really all that exciting, just another year. Although, hopefully I get a special pin to show for it!

One month from today I will be re-reading Heather‘s airport delay survival tips, because, really, who thinks they can fly out of Wisconsin in December without some kind of weather delay?

Why would I choose to fly in December if I am so concerned?

Last December, I was part of a huge special event….


…and this December I will continue to celebrate….

Where am I flying to?

The only place that there are fireworks every night, and
it snows even though it is well above freezing.
There are smiles on the faces of young and old,
and princesses around every corner.

It is the most magical place on earth….


Now I start counting down the days…..

See you in December Orlando! 🙂

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  1. Aww, yay! 🙂 I didn’t think about the delay possibility flying out of WI in December but I’m doing the same thing so I guess I should check out that post too haha.

  2. How exciting! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it!!

  3. Disney will be so fun! I’m totally jealous.

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