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Product Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

I am challenging myself to try Greek Yogurt.  I am doing this in an effort to expand my food horizons, and gain more information about the benefits of Greek Yogurt.  I’m hoping to give it a fair shot by trying different kinds as I go.  I am not being paid for these reviews in any way, and I bought the yogurt myself.  These are my honest opinions.

For my first Greek Yogurt taste test, I decided to go with Chobani.

If there is one brand of Greek Yogurt that is most known to me, it is Chobani.  I see it on blogs the most, I see people tweet about it the most, I see its presence in social media the most.  Even in the grocery store, to me, seeing the Chobani containers lets me know that I am in the right section to find Greek Yogurt.


One of the things that often stops me from buying Greek Yogurt regularly is the cost.  I will be honest with you and say that for every one of these yogurts that I buy, I will first scour the internet for coupons.  I did that for the Chobani, and found one for 30 cents off of one 6oz cup of yogurt.  (You can get the coupon too! Just go to www.chobani.com/coupons)

Since Greek yogurt on its own is quite an acquired taste, and, well, pretty boring, I will definitely be adding things to my taste tests.  Today I decided to add fresh cut pineapple.


I actually probably added about 2 or 3 times that amount, it just wouldn’t all fit in the cup at once. 🙂

So, either fresh pineapple is the perfect thing to balance out the sourness of Greek Yogurt, or Chobani is really good.  It is slightly sour if you eat it by itself, but if you combine it with fresh fruit the flavors even out perfectly.  It was a great afternoon snack!

Health Benefits
Here are some facts about Chobani that I learned from their website and by reading the label of the cup.

  • Chobani is all natural. No preservatives. No artificial flavors.  The flavored varieties are even made with real fruit!
  • They don’t use any synthetic growth hormones, which means no rBST-treated milk.  Great news!
  • Chobani includes five live & active cultures in their yogurt – including 3 probiotics.  Probiotics help prevent stomach problems, and some chronic inflammatory diseases.  I’m not super knowledgeable about probiotics, but as I learn more I will be sure to share with you!  They might even merit a post on their own.  For now, I know that they are definitely a good thing!
  • It has twice the protein of regular yogurts.   This was one of my goals for this challenge: get more protein into my diet.  The cup of Chobani that I ate had 18 grams of protein. That is about the same amount of protein as three eggs!
  • It is good source of bone-building calcium.  In the cup that I ate, there is about 20% of your daily value.  This is great news, considering I don’t drink a lot of milk – which means I’m probably lacking in the calcium department as well.
  • Chobani is Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
  • It is also safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.  Not something that I have to worry about, but a good thing to know.

Overall, I really liked Chobani.  And I am really surprised that I liked it.  As someone who is not a huge yogurt fan in general, less sweet yogurt sounded a whole lot less appealing to me.  But, I guess there is a reason that everyone loves Chobani!

Taste: A-, I’m not sure I could ever eat it plain (but I’m not sure I could do that with any Greek Yogurt at this point) but other than that it really surprised me how delicious it was eaten with pineapple.  I’ve even eaten it a few times since!
Cost: B, Before my $.30 off coupon, it was $1.59.  Not exactly cheap for a partial meal.  However, I do believe that sometimes you have to pay more to get better nutrition, so I didn’t think the cost wasn’t horrible.  I’m curious to see how the less expensive Greek Yogurts taste, if the cost is really worth it in the long run for a better yogurt.

I’m so glad my first taste of Greek Yogurt was a good one!  Although, I am kind of concerned that I might have had the best one first.  We shall see!

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  1. Thanks for the review! Trying out a whole bunch of Greek yogurts sounds like a fun task to me! Looking forward to reading the others.


    Communications Manager
    Chobani Greek Yogurt

  2. Every time I cross the border, I go on a Greek Yogurt mission. I have tried all of them, and I love Fage, Siggy, Chobani and Trader Joe’s. But I only like the plain Chobani. I hate their flavoured kinds.

    Also, it amuses me about the cost. In Canada we pay insanely high amounts for dairy, so when I pay $4.50 for a large container of Fage in the States, it’s normal to me!

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