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Product Review: Fage Greek Yogurt

I am challenging myself to try Greek Yogurt.  I am doing this in an effort to expand my food horizons, and gain more information about the benefits of Greek Yogurt.  I’m hoping to give it a fair shot by trying different kinds as I go.  I am not being paid for these reviews in any way, and I bought the yogurt myself.  These are my honest opinions.

Next up in line for the Greek Yogurt taste test is Fage.  I have never considered buying Fage in the past because it is always much more expensive than its competitors.  However, for the sake of the taste test (and the fact that I’ve heard from others that it is their favorite) I decided to give it a go.


As always, I scoured the internet for coupons prior to going shopping and found that if you “like” Fage on Facebook you get a coupon for $1 off one container.  You can do that by going here.

After liking my first taste test so much, I was slightly afraid to try more knowing that the first could be the best there is and its all down hill from here.  But I got over it, nothing more I can do than try it!

My fruit of choice today was a banana! My favorite thing about bananas: using my fancy banana slicer! (hey, its the little things, right?)

Banana Slicer

Banana Yog

I actually really like the flavor of this too!  The bananas weren’t as good as the pineapple that I ate before, but it was still solid.  Not something that I had a problem finishing.  It definitely was up there with the Chobani as far as flavor goes.  Possibly even better!

Health Benefits
I browsed around the Fage website to find out more about the nutritional components of their yogurt.

I was slightly disappointed with the first thing that I read.

Fage Total Yogurt is 100% natural.

I really dislike when companies use the word “natural” to describe products.  It seems like such a scam.  Many consumers read “natural” and then assume organic, or clean, or other things along that line.  Really, “all natural” doesn’t mean very much officially.  USDA certifies things to be organic to certain standards….”all natural” has much less meaning.  There is a great blog post about it here.

Luckily, the people at Fage followed up their “100% natural” claim with a bit more information:

It contains no added sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. We do not use powder milk, powder cream or powder protein in FAGE, just raw milk, raw cream and live active cultures which come together for a naturally blissful taste experience. In line with our All Natural approach to yogurt making, our milk and cream supply comes from farmers who have pledged not to treat their cows with rBGH.

Live cultures, no added sweeteners, and rBGH free cows, sounds good to me!

As with most Greek Yogurts, it is also a great source of protein.  The 6oz container that I ate contained 15g of protein.  Slightly less than the 18g of protein in the Chobani, but still good.

It is also vegetarian friendly and gluten free.

Taste: A, dare I say it was better than the Chobani?  Either I’m getting used to the taste of Greek Yogurt or the Fage had slightly less of a sour taste.
Cost: B, as this one is the most expensive that I’ve seen ($2.19 before my coupon) I can’t give it a great score.  However, I think the lesson that I’m learning is that you do indeed pay for better quality and better taste.

Well, two down, a few more to go.  The fact that I like these makes me hopeful that I will have good results with the rest.  However they are all less expensive than the two that I have tried so far, so we’ll see if my theory that you pay for quality and taste is correct.

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