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Restaurant Review: Bluephies

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

As I have started to cook more and more, we don’t go out to eat nearly as much. Mostly, that’s a good thing! Save money and (generally) eat healthier foods.

But occasionally, days get long and no one knows what they want for dinner, or cares to make anything for dinner.

This was one of those days.

For dinner, we chose Bluephies.


Bluephies is a local restaurant, part of the “Food Fight” group which has 16 different restaurants in the Madison area.  If you are ever in Madison, just pick one and go.  You will not be disappointed.  The staff is always friendly, the atmosphere is always great, and the food is always good.

The last time I was at Bluephies was a few months ago when I met up with some fellow bloggers for dinner. (although, I wasn’t yet a blogger at the time.)

Well, I guess, unless you count the cookie dough egg roll that I got at the Taste of Madison.

Tonight we splurged, and got drinks. The specials were just too good to resist.

Drink Menu

Cider Drink

Caramel Apple Cider – with a slice of caramel apple 🙂Ras Apple DrinkHot Raspberry Rum Apple Cider

Both were delicious.  Not super strong, but deliciously apple.

Oh, and there were rolls that came with the meal as well.  However, they went unphotographed because they went straight into my belly.  I love bread.

Dinner come so quickly!  I don’t want to say that it came too quickly, because I’m sure in the future I will complain about restaurants being slow, but it came so fast!

I had the Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken (apparently I’m on a baked macaroni kick right now)

Baked Mac Chicken

It wasn’t bad.  It was very cheesy and the chicken tasted like it was fresh off the rotisserie, but it was a bit too peppery for my taste buds.

The Husband had something called “Wisconsin Sushi.”  I’m glad he got it because it was not something I would ever get, but it sounded interesting.  Here is the description:

Wisconsin Sushi

Meat+Meat+Meat…oh and also some potatoes.

Wisconsin Sushi

Even though we were both pretty full after our entree’s, there was no way we were leaving there without the legendary cookie dough egg roll.  Thats right, I said legendary.  (I’m pretty sure the qualifier for a dessert being legendary is it replacing a wedding cake…..just sayin.)

Cookie Dough Eggroll

It was just as delicious as I remembered.

I love going to eat places that the food makes me happy.  Even if the taste isn’t an A+ in my book, when I think of Bluephies, I think of blends, Taste of Madison, and happiness.

Taste: A-, the main course wasn’t my favorite but the drinks and dessert were delicious!

Cost: A-, not the cheapest place we could have eaten, however because it is a local restaurant with a unique menu and quality food I feel like it is worth spending a little more.

Would I go there again? Absolutely.  If it were any closer to me, I would probably go have cookie dough eggrolls every day after work……it probably is a good thing I don’t live closer to it…

Bluephies on Urbanspoon

Madison Friends:  Do you have a favorite dessert at a local Madison restaurant?
I think these eggrolls might take the cake for me, but I’d love to hear if there is any others that I am missing!

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  1. all you do is make me jealous 😉

    and make me miss you!

  2. I misssss Bluephies! Let’s go there again the next time I’m in Wisconsin.

    And if you could magically transport their cookie dough egg rolls here, that would be awesome. 😉

  3. The cookie dough eggs rolls are intriguing. Are they fried?

  4. I want those cookie dough egg rolls…

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