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Seductive Strawberry Pomegranate Pie

Here is Thinkfood recipe number 21! (another recipe that I was quite excited to make!)  This recipe comes from Karen at Off the Meat Hook.  You can find the recipe here.

While making this recipe, I was again reminded that I could really use a pastry blender.  A fork is just not the same, so I usually just end up using my fingers.  There isn’t anything wrong with getting my hands dirty, but I just don’t think that it does the best job.

Once I had my crust blended together, it was hard to tell when I had added enough liquid.  According to the instructions it should be “tender and well combined, but not wet and sticky.”  I think mine ended up too dry.  It went into a ball ok, but when I went to roll is out it didn’t stay together very well, and didn’t look very pretty in the pie tin.  But, I’ve heard that pie crust is not an easy task, so although it was frustrating, I can’t say I didn’t expect problems.

While the crust was baking I made the filling. The glaze was a bit intense to make – when the recipe says “stirring constantly” it means constantly, or your glaze will be a ball of goo, not a thick glaze.

The pomegranate was another story.  I have had pomegranate before, so I know it wasn’t the easiest fruit to prepare.  However, I chose to buy a whole pomegranate and de-seed it myself rather than just buying the seeds.  I also bought a pomegranate de-seeder tool.

The instructions sound simple.  Slice pomegranate in half, put the cut side down on top of the tool, and gently hit the pomegranate with a heavy object to losen the seeds. (like an ice cream scoop)

Unfortunately when I tried this method, it mostly just ended up with pomegranate juice being sprayed while I was hitting it. Fail. Totally not worth the $2.99 that I paid for it.

Round two: try it the old fashioned way.  Luckily, when I bought my pomegranate, there were little brochures with instructions about how to cut your pomegranate.  This worked a lot better.  Although I still did get a fair amount of pomegranate juice all over in the process, it was more controlled than before, and MUCH easier just pulling the thing apart with my hands and digging out the seeds.

Other than the pomegranate and crust issues, the rest wasn’t too difficult.  The process all together did take some time, but other than the previous issues mentioned not too horrible.

Pomegranate Strawberry Pie

You can tell by the photo that my crust didn’t come out great.

Ease: B-, as you can tell by reading the post, I had some issues.  However, if you have already mastered these techniques then it won’t be a problem for you.
Taste: B+, the flavor of the glaze and fruit combined was great.  When it was warm, it tasted like it would be good on ice cream as well.  The crust turned out crumbly and rather dense – definitely not flaky pie crust. Clearly I need practice with that one.

Would I make it again? Probably not.  Although, I would like to master the art of pie crust at some point.

Have you mastered the art of pie crust making or pomegranate de-seeding?
What’s the secret??

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