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Product Review: Oikos Greek Yogurt

I am challenging myself to try Greek Yogurt.  I am doing this in an effort to expand my food horizons, and gain more information about the benefits of Greek Yogurt.  I’m hoping to give it a fair shot by trying different kinds as I go.  I am not being paid for these reviews in any way, and these are my honest opinions.

After I wrote my post about challenging myself with a Greek Yogurt taste test, I was contacted by Kristina at Stonyfield – the makes of Oikos.  She gave me some wonderful information about Oikos, and also offered me some coupons so I could give it a try.  Thanks for the coupons Kristina!

As grateful as I am that the nice people at Stonyfield contacted me, the fact that this yogurt was free will not affect how I review their product.


So, I think I’m getting used to the “acquired” taste that is Greek yogurt.  I can sometimes eat it plain now! (depending on what I’m eating it with)

As far as flavor goes, this was very similar to the Fage and Chobani that I have already tried.  My taste test this time again included pineapple.  For as much as I’ve eaten pineapple in the last few weeks, I think its kind of an underrated fruit.  I don’t know why I don’t eat it more often.  I wish that I lived where it could be grown locally!

Pineapple Oikos

The main difference that I found with the Oikos is that it is more the consistency and texture of “regular” yogurt.  I wouldn’t say that is a downside, but a difference for sure.  The thickness is something that makes Greek Yogurt unique so I’m not sure  that I like that this one is a bit thinner.

Health Benefits
Once again, I checked out the nutritional info on the Stonyfield Oikos website.  Now that I am getting used to the taste of Greek yogurt, the health benefits are beginning to be what sets the different brands apart.

Oikos is USDA certified organic.  As far as I know, they are the first (and only) certified organic Greek yogurt supplier.  This means that the yogurt is produced without the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, chemical fertilizers, or toxic and persistent pesticides.  As they pointed out on their website –

Centuries ago, when Greek shepherds made yogurt, everything was organic; rBST and pesticides didn’t exist.

Well said.

The cup of plain Greek yogurt that I had, had 15g of protein.  Not quite as high as the Chobani which had 18, but still definitely a good amount – especially when my lunch choices usually include little to no protein.

It also includes live cultures, just like the other two that I have tried so far.

The Stonyfield website is very informative.  If you are curious about  Greek yogurt, or organics, I definitely recommend you check it out.  www.stonyfield.com

Taste: A-, definitely good, although it didn’t seem as thick as the other two.  I really think my taste buds are getting used to Greek yogurt.
Cost: B, at the store that I go to, the regular price was $1.99.  Not quite as high as the Fage, but still up there.  Although, with it being organic, it wasn’t as high as I feel like it could have been.  The trend does seem to continue that the amount money spent is worth the taste and quality.

Planning on shipping tasty treats this Holiday season?  Make sure to read my PSA so that they make it to their destination unharmed. 🙂

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  1. When I started eating Greek yogurt, I read somewhere to add a tiny bit of honey to it to take off the sharp edge. it doesn’t work for all fruit additions but it helped me.

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