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Browned Butter and Sage Gnocchi

Thinkfood recipe 22!

This recipe comes from Davilla of The Sugar Bar.  You can find the recipe here. (Unfortunately the recipe page is no longer available)

I was pretty excited to make this recipe.  Gnocchi is something I have always wanted to try, but never really knew how to prepare.  This recipe seemed easy enough, and there wasn’t really anything in it that I don’t like.

Turns out, it was easy.  Very easy.  The gnocchi only take about 2 minutes to cook once the water is boiling, and the rest only takes about 5 minutes more.

Butter Sage Gnocchi

They didn’t taste bad at all.  But they were plain.  Really plain.  This is coming from the girl who likes everything as plain as can be.  They were about the equivalent of noodles with butter.  That isn’t to say I didn’t eat them.  Of course I did – and they tasted good.  Just a bit too plain to be a main dish.

Ease: A+, really easy.  The only slight challenge is to not burn the butter when you are browning it, but thats not really a big deal.
Taste: B+, they didn’t taste bad, just pretty boring.  I honestly can’t believe that I am calling them too boring when SO much of what I eat others call boring.

Would I make it again? This particular recipe? Probably not.  Gnocchi in general? Yes.  I just need to find different recipe.  Maybe add some veggies. (who am I??!)

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I’m going to attempt to keep my food choices light this week.  You see, one of the more time consuming things about having a significant other is the splitting of holidays.  Yes, we are grateful that both of our families want to spend time with us, but it can get to be a little much.  One year we actually ended up going to four different places on Christmas Day!

This year for Thanksgiving we will be having lunch with my side of the family and then dinner with the husband’s.  I will be bringing delicious squash mac and cheese, and peppermint Oreo Balls (recipe to come) aaand possibly something else. (like Julie’s Maple Sugar Cookies)

How do you spend holiday’s with your significant other? We are lucky that our families both live in the same city, so when we do travel its not a long distance.  And although it can be a long, stressful, day, we are thankful for our families and all of the delicious food we get to eat on those days!

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  1. After our first Christmas traveling nightmare, Chris and I divide up the holidays, mostly based on when the rest of his siblings will be going home (they are all older, married and a couple of them have kids so they’re usually a bit less flexible haha). Last Christmas we drove all the way to South Jersey (about an hour east of Philadelphia) for 3 days, then to Detroit area of MI for one day, then to the Southwest MI area for 2 days, then back to Madison. 2 of those days ended up being spent in hotel rooms stuck because of snowstorms… yeah. It was exhausting!

    So now we’re doing his family for Thanksgiving, and driving out to see my Mom and Dad (who live on opposite sides of MI) for Christmas. Even though it would be nice to see everyone on each Holiday, the reduced stress and extra time we get to spend with people will be worth it :).

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