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Product Review: New Glarus Brewery Apple Ale

Full disclosure: I bought this beer with my own money and am in no way being compensated for writing this review. The opinions are completely my own.

I’m not a beer drinker.  I know, I live in Wisconsin – the state that is known for beer and cheese – and I don’t like beer.  I’m more of a wine or girly mixed drink kinda girl.

I do, however, like hard apple ciders.  The first variety I had – and the one I’ve seen around the most – is Woodchuck Amber.

This fall, I again discovered my love for hard cider – but I wanted to branch out.  How could Wisconsin not have a brewery that makes hard cider?  There are plenty of breweries just in the Madison area alone, not to mention in the whole state!  Capital Brewery, New Glarus Brewing Co., Lienenkugel Brewing Co, Sprecher Brewing Co – just to name a few.

This weekend the Husband mentioned to me that New Glarus Brewery has a new fall beer – and that it is APPLE ALE.  Perfect!  So, we went on the hunt for it at our local grocery store.  After some searching, we found it!

In case you go on the hunt for it too, the packaging and label are very similar to many other New Glarus brews.  It is part of their “Unplugged” series.  So, all of the main labels look the same and each just have a sticker on the neck of the bottle with the name of the brew.

Apple Ale

Here is a description of the beer from their website:

Apple Ale sings with the fresh crisp taste of Wisconsin Apples. Our Brewmaster begins with a brown ale base employing Wisconsin farmed barley and a blend of apple varieties grown in Gays Mills. Our apple growing friends squeeze them especially for this brew.

I couldn’t describe it better myself.

The unfortunate thing about New Glarus Brewing Co is that they don’t distribute outside of Wisconsin.  So, for all of you that live out of state, you’ll have to come and visit me to taste this delicious apple brew! 🙂

Taste: A, very appley tasting and delicious.  For those of you who are normally beer drinkers, it is sweeter than normal beers – which is probably why I like it.
Cost: B+, it was $9.95 for a four pack, which isn’t all that cheap, but if you consider that is is a small brewery and a seasonal beer I wasn’t too upset about spending the money.  Generally I would rather spend more money for a more unique, locally produced item than just going with the cheapest option.

I have lots to make for Thanksgiving in the next couple of days!  Note to self for next year:  Don’t do your grocery shopping two days before.  Holy craziness!  There was no just running in to get a few things.  It was maneuvering through traffic to get a parking spot, maneuvering a cart through the aisles to find what you need, and then waiting in line to check out.  In my case, there is also I step in there that is: realize you can’t get everything that you’ll need at this store and brainstorm what other store has what you need but will be less crowded and busy than this one.

What are YOU making for Thanksgiving?

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  2. I’m not an apple cider (plain old or hard) fan, but I do love New Glarus :). I’m not making anything for Thanksgiving because I’m headed out to my in-laws and my mom loves to cook everything!

  3. I know I am a day late and almost a year short on this post, but since I just found your site today, I don’t feel so bad. 😀 I recently posted on my FB page about seeking “sweeter” beers. Have you found any that you liked recently, besides this apple beer? I too do not like beer and like hard ciders/mixed drinks. I tried Michelob Ultra Peach and that was pretty good. Thanks! 😀

    Your friend in TN.

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    • I haven’t found anything really yet, although I recently have generally been steering more towards wine or mixed drinks.

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