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How To Pack Travel Food For Picky Eaters

Today it finally hit me that I am leaving for a 10 day trip bright and early on Wednesday.  Besides getting the house clean beforehand (it is always nice to come home to a clean house) and packing my suitcase, I ALWAYS pack snacks for my time in the airport and plane.  Especially when traveling in the Winter months, you never know when you will be spending extended time at an airport.

I should put a disclaimer on this that I am not guaranteeing any of these foods are the healthiest choice.  However, (for me at least) eating something is a whole lot healthier than not eating at all.  When I get really hungry, I get HANGRY.  (Just ask my husband and parents, its true.)  This is (one reason) why I believe that healthy living means more than just putting healthy foods into your body. It is about having a healthy state of mind as well.

Here are some of the things I will be bringing with me for the plane ride:

Cereal Bars

Cereal Bars

Yes, I realize these are full of all kinds of “corn sugar” but the key here is that I know I like them.  I’m not sure what I ever brought with me when I travelled before these existed.  They are now a staple of my travel diet.  I not only eat them when there is no food that I like in the airport, or when I don’t want to pay for food on the plane, but I also tend to eat them if I wake up in the morning hungry and I know we won’t be eating for a while. They aren’t necessarily a substitute for breakfast, but they definitely help to tide me over if breakfast is not happening right away.


Apple Banana

I won’t bring as much fruit as other things, just because it goes bad so quickly, but it is always a good thing to have around.  We’ve all forced ourselves to eat that mostly green banana that cost $1.00 at a random stand at the airport before.  I usually try to find some smallish (3-4 bite) apples and a banana or two to bring with me.  I would love to bring a lot more bananas, however banana casualties in my carryon bag are not something that I want to deal with when already stressed out by traveling.

Quick Breads

Blue Bread

This idea I took from Julie’s post series “Snacks on a Plane” form when she was traveling to Italy. (The quick breads post is here.)  Quick breads are breads that don’t use yeast.  The great thing about quick breads is that they are easy.  Take basically any muffin recipe, put it in a bread tin instead, and you have bread.  If you are running short on time, you can always buy a boxed muffin or bread mix and throw that into the oven while you finish packing.

Another thing I love about quick breads is that there are SO many flavor possibilities.  Banana, blueberry, zucchini, walnut, lemon, apple…..just to name a few.  For this trip, I decided to make blueberry bread (mostly since I happened to have some blueberries left over in the freezer.)  Another favorite of mine is apple streusel.

*Edited to Add: The above photo is kind of a lie.  I did make the bread, but once it cooled, it was clear that the inside was not cooked.  No bread for this trip 🙁  Lesson learned: when turning muffins into bread, it takes a lot longer to bake.*

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

I’m not sure why it took me too long to figure this one out.  I think I was thrown for a loop when all of the new TSA guidelines came out not allowing liquids to go through security.  However, if you bring an empty water bottle, there are no problems.  Just find a water fountain once you are through security and fill it up.  If you forget to bring a reusable water bottle with you to the airport, you aren’t totally out of luck.  Break down and buy an overpriced bottle of water after security and then keep it with you once its empty.  Refill it and you won’t have to buy any more expensive water!

Some other suggestions that were suggested to me, but I will probably not be taking this time around include:

  • Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches
  • Flavored mixed nuts
  • Cookies
  • Pretzels

Things I wish I could bring, but wouldn’t make it past security (unless there is some food exception that I don’t know about)

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Juice/Smoothie

What do you bring with you to eat when you travel?
You don’t bring food with you when you travel?  What is your favorite airport resuraunt?

I’d better get back to packing!

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