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Shop Local!

With only 9 shopping days left before Christmas, your online shopping options are limited if you want your gifts to arrive before the big day.  You could, however, find exactly what you want online and pay ridiculous amounts to ship it next day air and get it here on time for Christmas morning.  There is, however, another option.

Shop local.

If you are planning on spending a little more than normal anyways, why don’t you spend it where it counts?  Shopping at local business means that even though you may not be getting the cheapest deal possible, you aren’t paying shipping costs, AND you are giving back to your local economy.

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenses.  If you spend it at a national chain, only $43 goes to the local economy and if you spend it online nothing comes back to the local economy. (source)

I’m not going to try to pretend that I always shop local, but I do what I can, and that is all that I would expect you to do as well.

In case you are a Madison friend in need of local shopping ideas, here are some of my favorite locally owned retailers. (You can find a much more extensive list at the350project and danebuylocal)

Glitter Workshop
This awesome store full of handmade gifts just relocated to Mineral Point Rd, right next to Stitchers Crossing and Brueggers Bagels.  Every item in this store is unique.  The majority of the items are handmade by local artisans. (this place is like a double win because you are buying local AND handmade!)  Inside you will find lots of jewelry, clothing, candles, coasters, and more!

Ulla Eyewear
Ulla is located in Hilldale Mall, across from Macys.  Not only do they have great customer service (something you find and most all locally owned retailers) but a great selection as well.  This store is bursting at the seams with style, and they definitely have unique eyewear that you will not find at a national chain retailer.  I realize that people don’t usually “gift” eyewear, but if you know a stylish person that is in need of new specs, maybe consider a gift certificate?

The Soap Opera
I really can’t imagine walking down State Street and The Soap Opera not being there.  This bath and body store is filled with unique soaps, perfumes, and more.  They have some of coolest soaps that I’ve ever seen.  One of my favorites, is the soap that has a rubber ducky embedded in it!  I remember thinking that was SO cool when I was a kid….and I still think it is cool now.  Gifts for all ages!

Tabby and Jacks
Hey, your furry friends need a little Christmas love too right? 🙂  This store is great for the pet owner and animal lover alike.  They have many adorable dog and cat toys, as well as picture frames, key chains, and more for the pet lover on your list.

There are many, many, many, many more stores that I could list, as Madison is a fabulous place to find local businesses, but I will spare you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and shop local this holiday season!  Happy shopping to you all, and no matter where you shop remember: Be Kind to everyone on your way.  As someone who works in retail, I know this time of year is crazy for everyone.  An extra smile or “thank you” can really brighten someone’s day.

Have another favorite local Madison business?  List it in the comments for others to use as a resource for
their holiday shopping!

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