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Indian Samosa Casserole

A few days before Christmas, I found out that my Mom wanted me to make some kind of veggie based hot casserole type dish for Christmas.  Not really knowing what to make. I threw the question out to my Twitter friends and waited for responses.

Among all of the fabulous suggestions that I got was one from my Twitter friend Laura:

twitter screenThis definitely intrigued me.  I have been told by many people that I would like Indian food – and I am always more willing to try something if I have made it – so  I thought this would be a good choice.  I used the recipe from Vegetarian Times, which can be found here.

Samosa Pie

Overall, I think it turned out well.  And, as much as some people made fun of me bringing a veggie pie to Christmas, those same people ended up really liking it and taking home leftovers.

It wasn’t too hard to make either!  It definitely looks harder to make than it really is.  It took quite a bit of time to chop and boil and sauté, but nothing was really difficult.  For the sake of saving some time, I cheated a little bit and used a pre-made pie crust instead of making my own.

Ease: B, it is not difficult to make, but it takes quite a bit of time and prep work.
Taste: B+, I didn’t love all of the veggies, but the flavor was good – hmm, maybe I like curry after all….

Would I make it again? I’m not sure.  It takes more time than I am willing to spend on a normal weeknight to make a meal, but I suppose I could make it earlier and refrigerate or freeze it and then cook it later in the week.

Here’s my story on Indian food.  A while ago, the Husband was having a Tandoori Chicken frozen dinner.  The smell while it was cooking was very strong.  Very strong.  So strong in fact, that I’m pretty sure it gave me a headache.  So this is why I am hesitant about going to an Indian restaurant:  How am I going to sit there and eat when the smell is sure to be headache inducing? Everyone tells me I would love Indian food.  Bread (Naan), rice, chicken, sauce. But I just can’t get over that smell!  Is it all in my head? Maybe.

What have your experiences with Indian food been like??? I need some encouragement!
Do you have a recipe for Tandoori Chicken that I should try? I’m always more likely to eat something at a restaurant if I’ve made it myself at home first.

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  1. I love samosas! Can’t wait to try this out… thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I made some um, kinda peculiar samosas earlier this year… some had edamame + mango. 😀

    I need to try this recipe…


  3. Samosa pie, yum! I am glad that you went for it, now I just need to make this myself!
    Regarding Indian food – I love Chana Masala (chickpeas) and Baigan Bharta (eggplant). I’d recommend checking out a restaurant which features a buffet; check out reviews online and I’m sure you’ll find a great one nearby! I find that when I stick with ingredients I already like (lentils, mushrooms, etc) and avoid those I don’t (cauliflower – yecch), I have a good experience. And I’m sure you’ve heard already, but you MUST get naan with your meal. Warm, buttery naan. Delicious!

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