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Super Quick Disney Recap: Day 4

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After three long days, we decided to take it a little slower for day 4.  We slept in (ok, until like 9am) and didn’t end up getting to the park until about 11.  We decide to head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (formally MGM studios)  Generally, not getting to a park until a little bit later in the day is no big deal, but at Hollywood Studios, there is a ride that is SO popular that the fastpasses for the day actually sell out! And not only do they sell out, but they usually are sold out by NOON!  We knew this, and were hoping that they weren’t sold out by the time we got there, but they were 🙁  Why is it a big deal that the fastpasses were sold out? You can still wait in line for the ride without a fastpass……but the shortest wait time we saw was 45 minutes…..most of the time it was almost 2 hours!  Oh well, we would just have to come back another day.


After discovering that there was no chance of getting a fastpass, we wandered around the park and went on some more classic rides. The Great Movie Ride is a classic, and lots of fun even though it is SUPER corny.  We also did the backlot tour, which is fun and does change slightly with different props sets, but this time it seemed very similar to when we went two years ago.

Fantasia Brooms

Another ride we did that day was Rock’n’Rollercoaster, another one of my favorites at DHS, and this is definitely a thrill ride.  Super fast indoor roller coaster with an Aerosmith soundtrack.  Awesome.  There are rumors that this is going to change from the Aerosmith theme at some point in the near future…..all I can say is PLEASE don’t make this a Hannah Montana roller coaster!!

One of the places I HAD to go to at Hollywood Studios is the Animation Academy.

Animation Academy

It isn’t exactly a huge attraction, but it a small classroom (holds about 20 people) where an artist teaches you how to draw a Disney character in a 30 minute class.  In case you didn’t already know, my background is in art, so it should be no surprise that this is one of my favorites.  You get to draw one character in each class on paper that you get to take home with you! Classes are generally every half hour, and each class is a different character!  (I wish I had more photos to show you of the process, but I was busy drawing 🙂 )

After we had spent our fair share of time at the Studios (we knew we would need to come back to go on Toy Story Mania, so we weren’t concerned about catching every detail), we decided to head to an early dinner at a brand new restaurant at Downtown Disney.

Up Next: Dinner at T-Rex!

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  1. Rockn Roller Coaster is seriously one of the best coasters I’ve EVER been on!! It’s SO good! I cant believe they’re changing the theme!!

    and I LOOOOVE that deal with learning to draw a Disney character! That is super cool! Did they offer certain characters and you had to pick from those or did you get to choose like, any character you wanted??

    • Unfortunately you don’t get to choose the character. While waiting in line we were told that they have something like 50 different characters(maybe more) to choose from and they choose based on the age group of the people in the class since obviously some are easier and some are harder. They also never do the same character twice in one day.

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