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Super Quick Disney Recap: Day 5

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On our fifth day in Orlando, we woke up early and headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Even though we had been there once already, we needed to go on Toy Story Mania still!

When we got to DHS, it was right as it was opening, perfect timing! So, we walked in with the crowd and headed towards the attraction.  We got close enough where it was in sight are realized that there was a line to get a fastpass!  Crazy! Although it was annoying, it wasn’t a big deal since the line was moving fast, and getting on that ride was really the only thing we still needed to do at the Studios.  After about 10 minutes, we got our fastpass and went on our way.

We had a few hours to kill before our time to ride, so we checked out some of the other attractions.  We went to see the Voyage of the Little Mermaid -which is a live action stage show with special effects.  I really didn’t know what to expect with this one, but it was actually really cool!  You could tell it was on older style attraction, but it was fun and definitely more than just a stage show.

We also went to the American Idol Experience.  This one I have mixed feelings about.  I watch the show….for the music.  This “experience” is complete with over-the-top Ryan Sechrest -esque “host” and the classic American Idol in between scene music.  They do, however though have real people who sing – which is pretty cool.  The three that we had were all good – one was definitely better than the rest, but none of them were horrible.  I find it hard to believe you can get this lucky finding people for 5 (?) performances every day though.  Oooh and you get to actually vote for the one you want, which is pretty cool.  Although the skeptic in me says that they wan easily just change the votes to how they want it and no one would really every know the difference.

And then it was (finally) time for Toy Story Mania!


One of my favorite things about this ride is all of the giant toys that you see as you wait in line.  It definitely wins the waiting in line entertainment game…..well until we went to Harry Potter….but I’ll get to that later. 🙂


If you aren’t familiar with this ride (and why it is so popular) I’ll fill you in. You sit in a little two person cart that spins around and goes past screens with different games on them.  You use the guns that are attached to your cart to shoot and things and get points.  The big deal is that you are doing this while wearing 3D glasses, so it looks like you are actually shooting things and hitting the screen.  It really does live up to all of the hype.


Oh, and they keep score.  I’ll just let you guess which score is mine. 😉


After that, we hung around the Studios for a little while longer, wandered and made sure we didn’t miss anything.  We then headed back to the hotel to take a little break.  We had a long night ahead of us: we had tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!  Not gonna lie, this was the main reason why I wanted to go to Orlando at this time of year.

Next up: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!!!

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  1. ohmygoodness. That ride sounds incredible!!

    and did you mean to say that you got to go to the HP theme park too??? I am SO flippin jealous if so, and canNOT wait to hear about it!

    Regardless, I cant wait to hear about the rest of the trip now that I’m caught up!

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