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Hot Cocoa Cookies

As much as I love chocolate chip cookies, I sometimes feel the need to switch it up.  These cookies seemed like they would be just as chocolatey and delicious as my standard chocolate chip cookies.

And really, how can you go wrong with chocolate and marshmallows?

These cookies are another delicious recipe from How Sweet It Is.  You can find the recipe here.

As far as preparation goes, it was no more difficult than making a regular batch of cookies – although mixing in the marshmallow fluff is a little hard – but trust me it, the marshmallow fluff is worth it!

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Clearly I didn’t read through all of the directions again (is this really a surprise to you anymore?) because you can’t eat these right out of the oven.  They need to cool so that you don’t have gooey marshmallow all over your cookie sheet, and so that you have a solid cookie.

I chose to refrigerate them after they were out of the oven, to attempt to speed up the process.  It definitely helped, but then my cookies were cold. 🙁  Next time I think I will just let them cool on their own…….and try to control myself to no just peel them off of the cookie sheet while they are still warm……

Ease: A-, aside from the cooling process, nothing really difficult.
Taste: A-, I wish I would have snuck some while they were warm, because there is nothing like a warm cookie right out of the oven. But they definitely were solid cookies.  They did have a hot cocoa taste too!

Would I make them again? I think so.  Sometime when I will have more time and will power to let them cool properly. 🙂


I realize I live in Wisconsin, and have all of my life, and I should be used to the cold weather.  But even living in it for 27 years doesn’t make it any better. I don’t even really mind snow, but the cold is killer.  Are there people that really ENJOY this cold weather? I’m not talking about 50 degrees cold either.  As I write this it is 11 degrees outside – and thats without the windchill.

I do like the change of seasons, but when I am sitting at home with a sweatshirt, sweatpants, slippers and two blankets on and I’m still cold – its too cold outside.

I could use some hot cocoa right now.  Or coffee.

Springtime please come soon!

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  1. i’ve lived in wisco my whole life too (except for 4 years in st. louis for college), and i’m not used to the cold either. but i also HATE the hot hot days in summer. anything over 80-85 degrees and i’m miserable. give me sunny, non-humid, 70 degree days and i’ll be happy! 🙂

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