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Super Quick Disney Recap: MVMCP

It is no secret that I love Christmas.  Part of the planning of this trip revolved around making sure that we were there while Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) was happening.  What is MVMCP?  It is an evening event at the Magic Kingdom that you have to buy separate tickets for.  During this event, there are special performances and parades, and free hot cocoa and cookies! Since you have to have special tickets, there are also generally less lines at the rides that are open during it.  (There is also a Halloween party during that time of year.)


The cast members at the Magic Kingdom are always bright and bubbly as it is, and during this event they are even more in the Holiday spirit.

One of the unique things that the Magic Kingdom does to celebrate the season, is light up the castle with twinkling lights.  In true, Disney fashion, there is a pretty awesome ceremony to go along with it.  Mickey and the gang help the Fairy Godmother light the castle for Cinderella.  The process really is magical.  Check out this iphone video that the Husband shot:

(I apologize for the shakiness.  It was our first attempt at a long(ish) video and its harder than it looks.)

Pretty cool right?

After the lighting, we wandered around some and checked out all of the festivities – which honestly wasn’t too exciting.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was FREEZING outside.  (And no, my Wisconsin friends, I don’t mean 60 degrees.  I’m pretty sure by the time we left the party at around 11pm, it was close to 40 degrees!  Thats cold considering we thought it would be in the 70’s)

Tip: During the party there are two parades – go to the later one!  It will be less crowded since it is later than most young kids will stay up.

Next up was the fireworks! Yes, the Magic Kingdom does usually have fireworks every night, but during the Christmas party, they are a special Christmas version.  For those of you familiar with Rhythm and Booms (the huge fireworks display in Madison every year) – picture that, only set to Christmas Music, and with a castle as a backdrop.  It was awesome.



After the fireworks, we hung around a bit more for the parade!  I really wish I wasn’t freezing at this point, because I really did enjoy it – but I was also ready to be out of the cold.

Duck Parade


After the parade we scurried out to catch the bus back to the hotel before all of the crowds.  Cold and tired are not a good combo – even on vacation. 🙂

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