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And it begins…..101 in 1001

Since so many bloggers are doing it, I thought I’d join it as well.  Who doesn’t need a little direction in life?

Here it is, my very own 101 in 1001 list!

Yes, some of these items may already be in progress, but goals are goals!  And if it wouldn’t have taken me a solid week to think of 101 things, they would not have been in progress yet.

Call them goals, challenges, ideas – whatever.  I was inspired by the lists of others, and now I have my own.

Start: January 12, 2011
End: October 12, 2013 (sure hope I calculated that right…..)


1. Knit a baby sweater
2. Knit an adult sweater
3. Do a 365 photo project
4. Open an Etsy Shop – this is my goal for 2011!
5. Make Christmas cards – like with paper, not Shutterfly
6. Finish Wedding Scrapbook
7. Sell something I made to someone I don’t know
8. Learn how to crochet
9. Learn how to use my sewing machine
10. Take a photo of myself every day for a month
11. Learn more HTML
12. Take a photo of Olive every month for a year, and then turn it into a calendar
13. Take a photography class – yeah, so this one is currently in progress….but it still counts!
14. Print photos to fill the frames we have
15. Organize my craft room
16. Learn how to play Guitar


17. Fix up the house so it is ready to sell
18. Sell our house
19. Buy a house that has a fenced in yard
20. Put up our Christmas Tree before my birthday (My birthday is 12/1)
21. Cook my husband bacon – FYI: I don’t like bacon.  Not even the smell. This will be a challenge.
22. Introduce the husband to my blends in real life  – this means you H and J….and L……etc.
23. Learn to close the cap on the toothpaste – this may or may not have been a request from my husband….
24. Keep the kitchen table completely clean for a month
25. Have people over to our house for dinner
26. Plant a tree
27. Put up lights on the outside of the house at Christmas
28. Shovel the driveway
29. Plan our next big vacation


30. Go without TV for 24 hours
31. Go without internet for 24 hours
32. Pay off Credit Card
33. Pay off Student Loans
34. Wear Makeup every day for a week
35. Attend a Madison blogger meet up
36. Sing Karaoke at a bar
37. See Wicked
38. Donate Blood
39. Floss every day for a month
40. Get a bike
41. Wear a bikini in a public place
42. Have a Spa Day at Sundara
43. Help plan someone else’s wedding
44. Watch How I Met Your Mother in order starting from the beginning
45. Try wearing contact lenses again
46. Find a new dentist
47. Go ice skating
48. Dry my hair before leaving the house every day for a month – I have a bad habit….
49. Watch a movie with subtitles in a theater
50. Read 5 books –
51. Do a “day in the life” blog post
52. Buy a new bouquet of flowers at the farmers market every week for a month.
53. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
54. Buy new glasses
55. Teach Olive a new trick
56.  Learn how to play a new board/party game
57. Go to a live taping of a TV show

Health and Fitness

58. Run a mile – have I mentioned how I don’t run….
59. Participate in a charity walk/run
60. Cheer on friends running a race
61. Run/Walk a race with my husband
62. Practice yoga every day for a month
63. Ride my bike to work


64. Go without caffeine for a week
65. Bake chocolate chip cookies without a recipe – I really should be able to do this by now.
66. Attend Foodbuzz Festival
67. Eat Vegetarian for a month
68. Don’t eat out for a month
69. Don’t eat out at the same place more than once in a month
70. Go to a wine tasting at a local winery
71. Join a CSA
72. Tour the New Glarus Brewery
73. Eat only locally grown/made food for a day
74. Go strawberry picking
75. Make and decorate gingerbread men from scratch
76. Make pizza dough from scratch
77. Bake something using flax “eggs”
78. Find 5 new “favorite meals”
79. Eat something other than a bagel for breakfast for two weeks
80. Take dinner leftovers to work for lunch for a week
81. Make a meal plan for a week and stick to it!
82. Plant a vegetable garden
83. Make Apple Butter
84. Take a cooking class
85. Eat at an Indian restaurant
86. Host a cookie exchange


87. Leave a 100% tip
88. Leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere everyday for a month
89. Donate at least two bags of clothes to Goodwill
90. Volunteer 100 hours of my time


91. Visit the MoMA in NYC
92. Get a passport
93. Meet Murphy the Pug <3
94. Stand outside on the plaza of the Today Show
95. Visit Canada
96. Go on vacation to somewhere I haven’t been
97. Ice skate in the  rink at Rockefeller Center
98. See a performance at Millenium Park in Chicago
99. Take a trip on a plane without checking any bags – this is gonna be a tough one.
100. Visit the Guggenheim Museum in NYC
101.Visit the San Diego Zoo

Well, what do you think?  Are any of those on your list?

I made a tab for the challenge , so that I can keep track of what I’ve done.  I will blog about everything when it gets completed as well.  🙂

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  1. aw! this is quite a comprehensive list, and many are so SO cool. 🙂

  2. your list looks like so much fun to complete! 🙂 let me know when you decide to do the madison blogger meet-up! i’ll help you complete that item.

  3. I will run a mile with you! 🙂

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