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Southern Corn Bread

Recently I’ve been on kind of a chilli kick.

5 step Chili is SO easy to make, and hearty and warm for these cold, dreary, Wisconsin Winter days.

As I think I said before, I’m not really a huge fan of cornbread, but the Husband likes it and asked me to make a different variety with our chili this week.

He specifically said he wanted “southern” style corn bread.

I am not a corn bread aficionado.  I don’t know what “southern” style means.

Luckily, there are lots of recipes on the internet for “southern” cornbread – or at least what they claim is “southern.”

I found one that looked promising from Food and Wine. It is cooked in a cast iron skillet.  That seemed very southern to me.  Oh, and the name of the recipe is “Southern Corn Bread” so it must be southern.  You can find the recipe here.

It was not at all difficult to make, simple procedure, simple ingredients.

I even managed not to spill it all out of the heavy cast iron pan while transferring it into the oven!


Ease: A, not hard at all. Really the hardest part is getting the cast iron pan into the oven without spilling everything out of it!  Although, if your arm muscles are more than what I have (which, no doubt, they are) this won’t really be a problem.
Taste: C+, meh, I really am just not a fan of cornbread.  The husband said it was good – but still not quite what he was hoping for.

Would I make it again? Probably not, hopeftully  I can find another recipe that he likes more.  Although,  I do think that using the cast iron pan gives it more of (what  I think of as) cornbready texture.


It is a cold, dreary Saturday morning here in Wisconsin – although at a balmy 34°, it is quite a bit warmer than it has been in a while.  This weekend  I hope to catch up on lots of cleaning, laundry, dishes, and other fun things like that.  Might not be fun, but it needs to be done!

What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. i go back and forth on cornbread too. i’ve never liked any of the recipes that i’ve used for it, but i’ve tried some that other people made that was good!

    i’m so happy not be in wisconsin for more dreariness right now. i’m in st. louis visitng my fiance this weekend. it’s 46* here and SUNNY! i’ve missed that sun.

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