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Sweet Cashew Stir-Fry

I am a huge fan of stir frys.  Mostly because you can customize them SO easily.

This particular one, I made the sauce basically as written – I only left out the cayenne pepper.

I left out a lot of the veggies because, well, I don’t love veggies….

Even though  I left out all of those things, I don’t feel like my stir-fry was lacking in goodness.  I still had the rice, pea pods, tofu, sauce, cashews, and of course the chow-mein noodles that for some reason I can’t eat any kind of stir fry without.

You can find the recipe here.  Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Tasty Kitchen – the site I found it on – check it out!  The site is basically a compilation of recipes from a bunch of different bloggers.  I recently found it and there are so many different dinner recipes that I want to try now because of it!

Cashew Stir Fry

Cashew Stir Fry


Ease: A, it was not hard at all.  That is one of the reasons why I love stir fry!
Taste: A, it was really good!  The sauce tasted similar to the other sweet and sour stir fry that I made, but not quite as tangy.

Would I make it again? Absolutely!

What kind of things do you like in your stir fry?
Do you plan a sauce to make and then just kind wing-it with the veggies?

I try to follow the recipe, at least the first time, as far as the protein of choice (tofu or chicken) other than that I tend to just throw in whatever veggies that I have/like.  pea pods, peas, corn, and zucchini are some favorites.  I wish that zucchini was in season for longer, because it would add a lot more substance to my meal than peas and corn!  Sweet and sour sauce I like with chicken or tofu, but  I have a sesame stir fry recipe, and I just don’t think that would be as good with chicken as it is with tofu.


Well, not its time to hunker down for the night and hope for either lots and lots of snow (like there is supposed to be) so that maybe, possibly, I get a snow day.  OR that somehow the meteorologists are completely wrong and this whole “snowmageddon” thing just fizzles out.  (yeah thats not gonna happen) But one can always hope.

Stay warm!

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  1. i love making stir fry! before i became more adventurous in my cooking, i made stir fry every single night for dinner & brought leftovers for lunch the next day! 🙂 i usually just wing it.

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