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Savvy Scones

Have you met my friend Julie?  Julie is the brains, words, and foods behind Savvy Eats. Go check out her blog for some great recipes, brain food, fitness tips, and more!

Ever since I have known Julie and her blog, there has been lots of buzz around her Savvy Scones.  She has had them in multiple blogger bake sales for charity, and every time I lusted after them.  Every time, they went for more money than I could afford – that can only mean that they are as good as the rumors say they are. 😉

Julie recently posted an updated recipe for those delicious scones, which sparked my interest in them again.  This time, I decided to make them on my own.  You can find the recipe here.

These were very easy to make – it took less than an hour, including the baking time.

Savvy Scone

Since these are a plain variety, Julie suggests spreading jelly or preserves on them to add even more delicious flavor. (And if you were really following Julie’s recipe, you would have made your own preserves last summer/fall, and used those! Julie is a canning Queen!)

I took the less healthy way out, and decided to turn my scones into dessert.  How could Nutella make anything less delicious?

Nutella Scone

You’re right.  It can only make things better.

Ease: A+, I was honestly surprised how easy these were to make, and how well they turned out!
Taste: A+, seriously, they are addicting.  I’m going to pick up some preserves today, so that I can snack on them some more.  Yum!!

Would I make them again? Definitely.  Julie also has a couple of other variations of these scones that I want to try as well.


So,   I went to a Ben Folds concert last week.  I love him.  If you ask my husband, he would probably tell you that I am obsessed.  I’ve seen him a bunch of times.  Did you know that his first cd – Ben Folds Five – came out 15 years ago? Way to make me feel old!  His newest album – Lonely Avenue – is SO good.  I will admit that I didn’t buy the cd until last week – but I was instantly hooked.  Some great songs from that album include Saskia Hamilton, Picture Window, Belinda, Doc Pomus, and Levi Johnston’s Blues.  I might be slightly obsessed with that last one……here it is….


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  1. I fail to recall if I ever tried any kind of scone. I should check this out.

    Also, I’m not like, a HUGE fan of Ben, but I certainly enjoy him. 🙂 Totally awesome that you got to see him in concert!

  2. love love love ben folds! i’ve seen him a couple times too and was so bummed i missed the concert last week! 🙁

    i have been meaning to make julie’s scones for a while now. i need to get on that! they look delicious. and you’re right, nutella makes everything better.

  3. Book-marked, I love your site! 🙂

  4. […] while I’m out of town 1. Savvy Scones! I finally get to try Julie’s delicious scones.  I’ve made them myself using her recipe, but I have a feeling that hers will be much better than what I made.  And I thought mine were […]

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