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Restaurant Review: Chef Mickey’s

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

On the last day of our glorious Orlando vacation, we headed to brunch at the second place that we returned to from our last trip: Chef Mickey’s.  (The other place that we went again was Boma.)

Mickey Wreath

Chef Mickey’s is at the Contemporary Resort – right next to the Magic Kingdom.  To get there from our hotel, we took the bus to the Magic Kingdom, and then took the Monorail over.  You can easily walk over from the Magic Kingdom, but it was cold and we were tired, so we chose to take the easy way out.

Reasons why you shouldn’t go to Chef Mickey’s:

  • You don’t like kids
  • You don’t like Disney characters
  • You don’t like delicious breakfast foods.

Chef Mickey’s definitely caters to the younger age group, but is fun for character loving adults as well.  And, as I mentioned before, there is a HUGE array of breakfast and brunch foods.

Mickey Buffet

Some of these delicious foods include: bagels, waffles, pancakes, eggs, egg casserole, various types of hash browns, fruit, meat, and more.

Mickey Waffles

Mickey Breakfast

While you are eating, there are characters that come around and pose for photos, sign autograph books, and hang out at each table.  The characters that were there the day that we went were Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy.

Minnie Breakfast

This place is so much fun to go to.  Its also fun to watch the little children either be extremely excited that Mickey Mouse is paying attention to them, or scared that this weird mouse creature is coming toward them.  Character dining is definitely a fun experience for some, but not for others – kids or adults.

Taste: A-, Honestly, it isn’t the most delicious food that I have eaten, but for a buffet style meal it was definitely good.  And the variety was great.
Cost: B,
As with every other Disney review that I have posted, it was obviously not cheap.  However, I don’t recall this meal being particularly expensive either. As with all buffet style meals, you can definitely eat your moneys worth if you are so inclined.  Either way, you are not only paying for the food, but the full experience – it was definitely worth it for the whole package.

Would I go there again? Definitely.  It is the one place that  I will probably go every time I visit Disney World.  It is very fun, and really a complete Disney experience.

Chef Mickey's on Urbanspoon


That basically concludes our Orlando vacation.  We wandered around the parks for the rest of the day and got ready to leave the next day.  Hope you enjoyed the recaps! 🙂

Have you been to Disney World? What was the favorite thing you did while you were there? Food, parks, rides, whatever, I want to hear about it!

Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I just wanted to put another plug in for my friend Mandy’s blog because she blogs all about Disney! Really, she could answer any question you have about things Disney related, she is awesome. Her blog is The Disney Hippy –  If you love Disney, definitely go check it out!


Happy Weekend! 🙂

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  1. ha! I love the reasons to not go… 😉

    I love the mickey waffles!

  2. These recaps have been amazing! 🙂

    I went to Disney World a couple of times in high school – once for a band trip and once with my church youth group. Both times were super fun, but obviously we had to decide on things to do as a group, and only had one day at the park both times because we had other places to go on the trip. I would LOVE to take a trip JUST to experience Disney for a few days.

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