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Cookie Fail

You know you did something wrong when cookies that are supposed to turn out like this:

Thumbprint Cookie


Turn out looking like this:

Cookie Fail

*these are without the marmalade because, well, there is no “thumbprint” to put the marmalade.

Apparently when the recipe tells me I need to refrigerate the dough for half an hour, its not ok to refrigerate them for 6 hours instead.


Luckily, the weather outside today is disgusting – freezing rain right now, supposedly followed by more snow – so I will have lots of time at home to try again. 🙂

What are your plans for this lovely Sunday?  I hope it is warmer where you are!

4 Responses

  1. EEK! I had something similar happen but w the butter cookie dough crumbling at the edges while baking.

    Today = veggie soup. Fingers crossed I don’t make it too spicy.

  2. It’s always disappointing when something that’s supposed to taste delicious doesn’t turn out at all! Hopefully next time it works:)

  3. I feel like this happens at least 50% of the time I try to make something new. I’m so inexperienced in the kitchen! That’s definitely a shame though. 🙁

  4. i’ve had my fair share of baking failures myself! i’m sorry your cookies didn’t turn out! i don’t have any big plans today either. i have to work on a presentation after i relax for a bit!

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