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Slow-Cooker Triple Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes I feel like making brownies, but I don’t want to just make the same old brownies.  Because, really, with so many delicious sounding brownie recipes out there, how could I ever make the same one twice, just because I was too lazy to try a different one?

This time, I used a recipe I found in the latest Everyday Food magazine. (I also found the recipe online here.)

This recipe is pretty normal, except that its cooked in a slow cooker!  A different twist on delicious brownies so I thought I’d try it.  And honestly, our slow cooker doesn’t get very much use, so I thought I would use it to make a delicious treat.

As far as preparation goes, this recipe was extremely easy.  Mix everything together, then throw it all into the crock pot.

Then comes the unfortunate part:  it has to cook for 4 HOURS!!! Ok, ok, I get it.  Its a slow cooker.  It cooks slow, thats what it is for.  Apparently it wasn’t a good idea to make a delicious dessert that needed to cook for 4 hours……and make your house smell like brownies for the whole day……

Oh, and not only that, but then it has to cool for a suggested (I say suggested, because clearly I didn’t wait that long) 2 HOURS!!

Obviously I’m impatient with my desserts, and should just stick to baking them in the oven.

Slow Cooked Brownie

Once it was finally done cooking, it turned out pretty well.  Unfortunately, the edges did get a bit burnt – which I don’t completely understand because the middle was barely done.

Fortunately, I am not one to waste desserts.  I definitely still ate it – and honestly it looks a lot more burnt in the photo above than it really was I think.

Brownie Slice

Ease: A, very easy – the only problem I had with it was the waiting!
Taste: B+, if we just ignore the fact that they were partially burnt, they were pretty good.  They weren’t quite as soft and gooey as I’m used to, but still good.

Would I make them again? Honestly…..probably not.  But not because they didn’t taste good, or they were too difficult, I’m just to impatient to wait so long for brownies!

Have you made dessert in a slow cooker before?
What is your favorite thing (that is not a dessert) to cook in a slow cooker?

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  1. I have that plate in the green pattern !! 🙂 they sound great in theory, but I couldn’t wait that long either!!

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