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Just Do It.

Sometimes, the stars don’t align, the weather is horrid, you are tired, or afraid to try a new class, and you just don’t want to go.

Even though you missed the day before because of the aforementioned crappy weather.

Even though your husband 100% supports your decision to go – and is willing to delay dinner until after you get back from class.

Even though you KNOW you will feel better afterward.

Then, in a secretly desperate plea that someone will tell you the roads are too dangerous, or you should just go later,  you shout out to Twitter:

Screen Shot

But instead of people helping you avoid what you know is best for you, you get replies like this:

Screen Shot

Then you realize that Heather is right.  You should just bite the bullet and go.

You then see another Twitter friend shout out the same message


And you respond with your new found enthusiasm

kellynigl tweet

Then, to make sure that you don’t back out at the last minute, you follow these five steps:

Step 1: Get up and put on your favorite workout gear.  Putting on your favorite gear will make you happier, and make you less likely to back out.  Trust me, there is a reason why I own Lululemon apparel – workout clothes that I look forward to wearing are a definite motivator.

Some of my favorites:

Lululemon Astro Pant – These are by far the best yoga pants I own.  The tall’s fit my long legs perfectly. Tip: do not try on Lululemon pants unless you intend to buy them.  They are seriously the most comfortable pants ever, you won’t want to take them off.

Astro Pant

Lululemon Run:Swiftly SS Tech Tee – although mine is not this color.

Run Swiftly Tech Tee

Step 2: Grab a snack.  By doing this, you can no longer use the excuse that you are hungry and really should eat a full meal , which would also mean that you need to digest before working out.  You can eat dinner afterwards, and it will taste even better because you didn’t rush to eat before you went!

Cereal Bars

How much food you eat will depend, of course, on how long you  have before working out, and what kind of workout you are doing.  I generally don’t like to eat anything more than a cereal bar within an hour of class to make sure that my stomach is ok, but your body may be different.

Step 3: Leave the house.  Even if it is a little earlier than needed.  You can always sit for a couple minutes and wait for class to start – that way you can’t wait until the last minute to leave and then loose track of time and not go because you wouldn’t make it on time.

Step 4: On your way to workout (or even before you leave), turn on your best “pump up” mix of music.  No better way to get your blood flowing!

Here are a few that I’m loving right now:

itunes shot

Step 5: Just Do it.  Fight through the nerves of it being a new class, or the slippery roads, or your hunger, or your sleepiness.  You know you will feel better once it is done.

How do you stay motivated to exercise?  What are your favorite motivating songs?

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