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Oscar Favorites

And now for something different!

The Oscars were last night and, as many, many other people, I watched them.

Even though I hadn’t seen at least half of the movies nominated.

Because I love pop culture.  And celebrities.  And maybe even fashion.

I would not call myself a fashonista by any means – but I also wouldn’t turn down on offer to have a personal stylist.  😉

So, just for fun, please enjoy some of my favorites from the Academy Awards! 🙂

GwenythLoved this dress, and actually from afar the thing around her waist isn’t too bad looking.  Her earrings however, were really big and gaudy looking.

Hailee Steinfeld

I love this girl.  She is adorable, and sweet, and a brilliant actress.  Have you seen True Grit?  See it.  I didn’t think it was really my kind of movie, but it was really entertaining, and between her, Jeff Bridges, and Matt Damon, it was definitely a good movie.  Dear Hailee,  please go through puberty like a normal adolescent, and then continue on with your career.  Don’t take advice from Lindsey or Miley, and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life 🙂

AnneBelieve it or not I actually really liked this dress that Anne Hathaway wore.  (Although for some reason it was hard to find a photo of it!) I liked the bling, and the flowing fabric.  While we are on the topic of Anne, I thought she did a decent job hosting.  She is cute, and spunky – I think just the personality that they were looking for.  James Franco, well, he was James Franco.  I don’t really know what people expected.  Not that he isn’t probably a very smart person, but he just came off like he didn’t care to be there, or had better things to do, or …..something.  Maybe they weren’t the best pick for hosts, but overall I don’t think they did all that bad of a job.

I think one thing that we can all agree on is that Kirk Douglas stole the show.  Even at 94 years old, (!!) he’s not afraid to make fun of Colin Firth and Hugh Jackman or ad lib a little bit on the speech.  Well done, sir.


This concludes my random thoughts about the Oscar’s.  Now I’m going to go eat some delicious cookies, and I encourage you to do the same 🙂

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  1. James admitted in the pre-interview he’d only rehearsed during the weekends. I think Anne would have done a spectacular job on her own or hosting with Hugh. The musical numbers they could have pulled off would have rivaled Billy Crystal.

    • Definitely agree!! I also think that when they brought Billy Crystal out, it kind of put a dagger in the whole issue. Anne and Hugh would have been great. Apparently its hard to get decent people to host, who knew?!

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