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Three Cheese Orzo and Spinach

Sometimes,  I buy food at the grocery store that I have no idea what I am going to use it for.  This was the case with Orzo. How could I not like something that seemed to just be a combination of rice and pasta?

After I got home from the grocery store, I searched some of my favorite blogs for a recipe with Orzo (and hopefully other things that I already had in my kitchen.)  The one that I decided to use,  I found on How Sweet It Is You can find it  here.  (Yes Jess does occasionally make things that aren’t dessert. 🙂 )

I did leave out the onions, because we didn’t have them on hand, and well, I don’t really like them as it is.

It was not hard to make at all.  Essentially: boil pasta, saute garlic, spinach, etc, combine.

Three Cheese Orzo with Spinach

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t love this dish.  How could I not like pasta and cheese with a little garlic and spinach? I think maybe the goat cheese was too strong tasting for me. I don’t really love goat cheese. Other than that it wasn’t bad, it was definitely just cheesy pasta with some spinach.

Ease: A-, it did take a bit of preparations, but nothing too difficult.
Taste: B-, I really just think the cheese was too strong of a flavor for me.

Would I eat it again? This particular recipe? No probably not.  Orzo? Yes, I heart carbs.  Maybe if I even made this recipe again and just used different cheeses?  I’m still kind of astounded that I somehow didn’t like cheesy pasta……

I know certain kinds of cheese are stronger tasting than others, but I guess I never thought I would find one that I didn’t like.  (I am from Wisconsin after all) What is your favorite kind of cheese? I am currently slightly obsessed with fresh mozzarella.  I have had it on a sandwich for lunch every day this week.  It is just so good and fresh tasting! Its even better when you can buy it in large quantities at Costco.

Costco Mozzarella(source)

Fun Fact: This mozzarella monster is two pounds of delicious cheese.  Half of it (one pound) is apparently the perfect amount of cheese for mozzarella sandwiches for a week .  Yeah, thats right, I ate one pound of cheese last week.  Well, really probably more than a pound, you didn’t think that was the ONLY cheese I ate last week did you? 😉

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  1. this post made me happy. i am a cheese monster! 🙂 my favorites include really sharp cheddar, fresh mozz (yum!), and smoked gouda. i can’t narrow it down to any less than 3 favorites, sorry!

    the only cheese i’m not a huge fan of is gorgonzola. not sure why i don’t like that one – i love other stinky cheeses…

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