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Spinach and Feta Quinoa

I’m going to catch up on these Thinkfood recipes some day,  I promise!

This recipe comes from Kevin of Closet Cooking.  You can find the recipe  here. (Unfortunately the recipe post is no longer available)

This was my first time making Quinoa, and luckily it was not hard to make.



I can’t say that I loved this dish.  Which is sad, because I was really excited to try a new grain!  I’m pretty sure I cooked the quinoa correctly, but it still seemed a little al dente.  But it had soaked up all of the liquid that it was cooking in, so it should have been done enough right?

I did like the flavor (or lack of flavor?) of the quinoa by iteself, and of course, who can go wrong with feta cheese.  Spinach I think I am coming around to.  I definitely didn’t love the flavor at first, but mixed in with other things I can handle it.  Maybe its time to try another Green Monster soon…….I tried one a few months ago and the spinachy flavor was WAY to much for me.

I also think I put too much lemon juice in.  I mean,  I like lemon flavor, but this was a little strong.  The recipe calls for “the juice of one lemon”  and I put in about half of the juice from my lemon.  I definitely prefer when recipes use more exact measurements.  That way – especially if it is a new type of recipe to me – I know exactly how much to use.  Lemons (limes, oranges, etc.) come in many different shapes and sizes.  This way, it just makes the recipe more clear for everyone.

Ease: B+, there is some prep involved, and you do have to watch things a bit while they are cooking, but once you put the quinoa in to soak, it is definitely not hard at all.
Taste: B-, I don’t know what it was, just not my thing I guess.

Would I make it again? Probably not this exact recipe, but I definitely want to try quinoa again.

Anyone have a great quinoa recipe??
I know there has to be at least one out there that I love.

Does anyone have an awesome green smoothie recipe for me to try??
I have some spinach leftover and I want to give it another go!  Especially now that I have a food processor, so I can blend it better!

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  1. i starred this post in my google reader! i’m trying to eat down my pantry and i have some quinoa i need to use up! i’m definitely going to use this as inspiration!

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