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Restaurant Review: Fifty South

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

After Whistling Kettle, and then Coffee Planet, you would think that Heather, Julie and I would be sick of food.  Well, you are wrong. After sitting at Coffee Planet for a while, we were hungry for dinner.  Since we didn’t really have anywhere planned for dinner (We originally thought Coffee Planet would be open late enough for dinner) we turned to the best source for information: the internet.  With a quick search we found a place called Fifty South.

From the description and feel of the it definitely seemed like somewhere we should go.  Locally owned simple food with a focus on organic, local and sustainability.  From the website, it seemed like somewhere you might find in downtown Madison.

Fifty South

When we arrived at the restaurant we were a bit confused.  From the outside , the building looked like a bar, so some kind of older supper club type restaurant.  On the inside the decor was very eclectic.  disney items, old bird cages, faux tree branches with sparkly things hanging from them, etc.  Oh, and the doors of the bathroom stalls were chalkboards!!


We ended up finding a seat at the bar since we were kind of tight on time, and it was Valentines day weekend so of course they were crowded.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating.  It was a busy night, and they definitely left a good impression.

For dinner I had a side salad – which came in a martini glass and then they flipped it onto a plate!  (sorry I wasn’t expecting them to move so the picture is pretty blurry)

Fifty South Salad

For a side salad this was a big salad! Not like the tiny, three-pieces-of-lettuce salads that you get a some restaurants.

I also had chicken fingers.

Fifty South Tenders

I have chicken fingers a LOT when I go out to eat.  These were possibly the best restaurant chicken fingers that I’ve ever had.  They were crispy but not greasy, and they were most definitely real chicken.  They tasted similar to chicken fingers I would make for myself at home.

Julie and Heather also liked the food that they ordered as well – they both agreed that Julie’s goat cheese omelet had some of the best goat cheese they had ever had.  And that points out another positive – they have breakfast all day!

Taste: A+, really good! Quality food, quality ingredients, unique dining experience.
Cost: A, I dont’ remember the exact cost, but I know one of the reasons that we chose this place to eat was that it was reasonably priced – especially since they use quality ingredients.  (Local, organic, sustainable, etc.)

Would I go there again? I wish I lived closer, but I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area!

Fifty South on Urbanspoon

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