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Restaurant Review: Bull and Bear

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

After visiting the lovely ladies of CDNY, I headed to the Schnectady train station to take a train into New York City for work.  It was my first time riding on a train by myself – and only the second time riding on a train ever! Although the train was delayed, the trip was mostly relaxing.  After a few late nights, I had plans to sleep on the train ride into the city to prepare for the work portion of my vacation.  That didn’t exactly happen….I spent that time on Twitter/Facebook/email/general interneting on my phone.  What in the world would I do without a smart phone?!?

The train trip was actually not too bad.  I made it in to the city pretty much on time, got my luggage no problem, AND had a seat to myself on the train.  I’d say thats a win.  I do prefer taking a train over a bus, but it is a little bit weird when you can’t see any signs that you are coming into a big city until basically you are there.  Its a little bit disorienting, but also kind of relaxing to not be sitting in traffic.

When I arrived at Penn Station, I immediately took a cab over to the Waldorf Astoria – the hotel that I would be staying at.  On my way there, I had only one thing on my mind: food!

When I got to the hotel, I headed up to the room to meet the other person from my work.  I was glad to find out that she was waiting for me to eat dinner!  Both of us were pretty tired and hungry so we decided to just head downstairs to the steakhouse in the hotel: Bull and Bear.

It was your typical steak house.  The meal started out with a basket of warm bread and butter.

Bull and Bear Bread

I had a 10oz filet, and a baked potato.

Bull and Bear Fillet

It was very good.  Great crispy outside and soft chewy inside.

Baked Potato side note:  I would almost always rather have a baked potato over french fries.  I love them, and always have.  I especially love them when the skins are crispy and salty. Because of this it makes me sad that some restaurants only offer mashed potatoes or fries!  Baked Potatoes are delicious and healthy!!  Ok, healthy for me because I don’t load them in lots of unhealthy things.  I would call them healthy at least.

It was a very busy night when we were there, so our food did take longer than expected, but the waitstaff was very good about making sure we were still doing ok, apologizing, and they even brought the woman that I was with a free beer! (I wasn’t drinking, or I would probably have gotten one too.)

Taste: A, the steak was perfectly cooked and the baked potato was delicious – not to mention the fresh variety of breads we enjoyed at the beginning of the meal.
B-, it was your typical New York steak house prices – definitely not cheap, but good food and good service, so I think it was pretty much worth it.

Would I go there again? I have a hard time with this question in large cities, because there are SO many options.  If I wasn’t staying at the Waldorf I don’t think I would make a special trip, however the convenience of having a nice steak house at the hotel I was staying at was great.

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  1. Sounds like a great steak house to me!

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