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Donut Muffins

I’m not sure if there has yet been a recipe that I was so sure I would like, and so nervous to make at the same time.  (The recipe comes from Side Of Sneakers and you can find it here.) These muffins looked SO good from the first time I saw them.  There wasn’t any way I wouldn’t like cinnamony donuty muffins.

But then I looked at the ingredients list.

Two things concerned me: Spelt flour and flax egg.    Although, I guess I was more concerned about making a flax egg than using spelt flour.  I mean, its just flour, it couldn’t taste any different right?  The flax egg I had been avoiding for a while.  Not because I didn’t have flax meal, just because I didn’t want to take my chances with a dessert I knew would be so good.  However, “bake something with a flax egg” is on my 101 in 1001 list.  So, I decided this time I would conquer the fear!  (and make another batch with a real egg if it was really a disaster and I didn’t like it 😉 )

The flax egg really was not hard at all.  I’ll do an official post about it soon, but it definitely was not as hard and scary as I thought it would be! It does give them a bit of a nutty flavor, but I actually think I liked that in these muffins!

Donut Muffins

After making one batch of these muffins and forgetting to photograph them, I had to make a second batch to get photos.  My arm did not need to be twisted though, because these were so good I probably would have made more anyways!

For the second batch I did some normal size muffins, and some mini muffins!

Mini Donut Muffin

I actually like the size of the minis a lot!  They are about two bite size, which is perfect for a little treat!

Ease: A, not hard at all.  Even the flax egg part that I was scared about.
Taste: A+, definitely one of my favorite things I’ve made recently.   So good that they are dangerous for me to keep in the house because  I will eat them all!

Would I make them again? Most definitely.  I’ve already made them twice, and I will most likely make them again in the future.  They would be a good thing to make for a brunch – sugary and the texture of a donut, but not super sweet and greasy!

Sorry, this recipe does not involve anything green – since it is St. Patricks day and all.  However, if you feel like you NEED it to have some green involved for you to make it today, I encourage you to add some green frosting. It is a donut after all…… 😉

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  1. I have not made these yet, after seeing many variations over the years… this version by Heather looks good… and YES – flax eggs can be intimidating the first time, until you realize they have the same result as an egg, which is awesome! 😀

    Happy St Patty’s !

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