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Restaurant Review: Dave and Busters

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

On the last night that we were in New York, we had tickets for a musical.  In fact, we had tickets for a preview show of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. Oh yes, I got to see that Spiderman musical that everyone is talking about.

But before that, we had to eat dinner.  Since we had a limited amount of time between when we got back to our hotel after work and when the show started, we decided to just walk down towards the theater and find somewhere to eat on the way.

We got down to the theater, and hadn’t really found much on the way, but across from the theater there was a Dave and Busters, so we decided to go there.

FYI: All of these photos were taken with my iPhone.  I didn’t bring my DSLR since I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring it into the show.

Dave and Busters

Yes, I realize Dave and Busters is a chain, but we really just wanted something quick and easy before the show, and this was very convenient, so we decided to go.

For dinner I had chicken tenders. (surprised right? 😉 )

Chicken Tenders

Instead of fries, I opted for a side salad.

Side Salad

The chicken tenders were good, but not great.  Definitely not as good as the ones that I had at Fifty South though.   The salad was actually pretty good for a chain restaurant side salad.  I was expecting, like, three leaves of iceberg lettuce, and this salad definitely exceeded my expectations.  There was actually spinach in it as well as some other non-iceberg greens.  It was topped with slivered almonds and crispy tortilla strips – which is pretty fancy for a generic side salad if you ask me.

Overall the food was alright for a quick meal, but nothing spectacular.  If you are not familiar with Dave and Busters, it also has an game arcade area attached to the restaurant.  Since we were just stopping quick before the show though, we didn’t venture in to play games.

Taste: B+, definitely not bad, but nothing special either.
Cost: B, pretty typical New York chain restaurant prices.

Would I go there again? I’m not sure.  I’m definitely not a huge fan of going to chain restaurants on vacation, but if you do the whole “eat and play” thing, this can be entertainment, as well as food.

Dave & Buster's on Urbanspoon


Were you hoping to hear my thoughts on the Spiderman musical?  Well here you go.

Let me start out by saying, it definitely has some issues.  There is a reason that it is still in previews.  The performers are hugely talented, but some of the music and lyrics are just not there.  As someone who LOVES musicals……I did not love the music in this one.  Some of the songs were ok – and then you listened to the actual lyrics and they got weird.  For instance, one of the songs is called “Bullying by Numbers.” The rhythm is great, and the choreography is really cool, but the lyrics and just bad.  Unfortunately this is the case with most of the musical numbers.

I think that the best thing this show has going for it is the choreography and stunts.  There are lots of VERY cool and creative sets and costumes.  However with lots of moving and out of the ordinary sets, you have issues as well with getting things to work all of the time, and timing things to work correctly.  I didn’t see any of this when we went, but I can definitely see how it could be an issue.

Then there is the “flying.”  I loved this. I thought it was done very well – it didn’t seem like all of a sudden Spiderman was jerked into the air, it was very smooth.  I actually watched a 60 Minutes piece about the show, and they said that the mechanisms that control the “flying” are actually based off of the overhead cameras that they have at football games. How cool!  But again, with all things technically advanced comes the possibility of error.  And when the person “flying” has to land on a panel that is about 5 feet by 5 feet – the error can be major.  As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, early on in the show there were lots of injuries because of set and flying malfunctions – and with the stunts they do, I can definitely see how that could happen.

Overall I really enjoyed the show visually, but as far as the plot, music, and cohesiveness as a whole, it was just ok for me.  Probably not something I would spend the money to go back to.  However, since the show hasn’t “oficially” opened yet, who knows what will happen with it.  Last I heard it was getting a complete overhaul as the opening date was pushed back – yet again – to sometime in June.

If you are in New York City and are looking for a show that is very different than the typical Broadway musical – and visually stunning, I recommend seeing this show.  I mean, how could you not want to see the most expensive Broadway show in history? 😉

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