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Five Things Friday

1) Last week  Hangry Pants was having a giveaway on Facebook, and I won!  I won 4 different Bolthouse Farms Aura juices. I got them in the mail this week and yesterday  I tried the Grapefruit Sage, and it is delicious!


You definitely have to love grapefruit though because it is a pretty strong flavor. Today I am trying the Cucumber Lemon Rosemary, and I’m excited to try the rest!

2) On Wednesday the mall that I work at was having a “Girls Night Out” event with drinks, discounts, and a raffle.  Guess what?  I won the raffle for a new shoe wardrobe from one of my favorite local stores, Cornblooms! (OK, technically, my mom won.  But she is good at sharing 😉 )  This included 3 pairs of shoes – one casual, one dressy, and one sporty.


These are the dressy pair that I won.  They are Earthies Capri style.  They are possibly the most comfortable pair of dressy shoes that I have ever worn.  As someone who has had knee and back issues for a long time, I often have a hard time finding shoes that are supportive and feel me well – but are still cute and dressy.  I have a feeling these are going to fit the bill 100%.

3) I made Red Velvet Chocolate Chip cookies again this week.  They are SO good.

Red Velvet Cookie

After I made them I realized that the last time I made them was when the Badger football team beat Ohio State last fall, so I thought it was maybe a good omen for the Badger basketball game.  Unfortunately, that luck was apparently not enough, as Bucky did not pull off the victory. 🙁

4) Question for those of you who have dogs and cats: How do you keep the dog from eating from the cat litter box when they are both left out during the day? Or do you just limit the cats access to the litter box while you are not there?  Or maybe my dog is just gross, and normal dogs don’t have any problem keeping out of the cat box…..

Cat and Dog

5) I’m headed to Chicago next weekend for work.  Last time I was in Chicago I ate at Epic Burger – and it was delicious.  Are there other awesome restaurants that I should try while I am there next weekend?  Also, if anyone knows anything fun (and cheap or free) that is going on April 2-5 that would be fun to do, please let me know!

Epic Burger

TGIF!  My plans for this weekend include lots of lounging, knitting and cleaning the house.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Anyone going to the Monroe Street Chocolate Walk on Saturday?  I wanted to go but the tickets sold out!

Have a great weekend!

6 Responses

  1. ooh, I am going to have to look for that juice – I love grapefruit … congrats on winning! 🙂

    the photo that accompanies the dog + cat question is PERFECT… it’s like the pup is looking guilty and the cat is … judging… 😉

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Congratulations on both wins! Those shoes look really comfortable!

    My parents’ dogs try to do the same thing! Their solution was to put a baby gate up in the doorway to the room where the litter box is located–the cat can jump over it easily, but the dogs can’t.

    • Yes, we thought about doing that! However, we might have to invest in a better baby gate because the one we have now is way to flimsy and the dog can totally knock it down.

      I suppose it would also be a good idea to test out the situation while we are there to see it if works or not.

  3. you’re so lucky! two wins right after each other! 🙂

    wasn’t the game sad last night? brad was yelling at the tv so badly. not fun….

    have a great weekend! i’m going to be working for much of mine – but at least i’m in st. louis with brad & capone!

  4. You are one lucky duck! Oh and cute shoes!! 🙂

  5. I’ve never had the Aura juices, but Bolthouse Farms has some dang good stuff!!

    Also seriously – sooo lucky! I think the only thing I’ve ever won like that was a scarf from Heather’s blog! and that was just within the past year! 22 years and that’s all I’ve won! haha. 🙂

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