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Orzo with Parmesan and Basil

Noodles. Cheese.  Basil.  Three of my favorite foods.  How could they not be even better together?

I decided to answer that question by trying this recipe for orzo with parmesan and basil that I found on Tasty Kitchen.  You can find the recipe here.

I was really looking for an easy recipe for lunch that I would not have to go out and buy special ingredients for.  This one definitely fit the bill.

It was definitely not hard to make either – basically just as easy as making pasta.

Parm Basil Orzo

Really how can you go wrong with something that starts off being sauteed in butter and then gets delicious cheese added to it?

I had some fresh basil, but not enough so I used about half fresh and half dried basil.  I also had an “Italian Mix” shredded cheese, so I used that instead of just parmesan.  I also probably put in more than the 1/2 cup that was suggested in the recipe. What can I say, I love cheese!

Parm Basil Orzo

It turned out really well I thought.  Cheesy – but not too rich.  I also liked the subtle flavor that the chicken stock gave it.  I little bit of a different twist to noodles and cheese.

Ease: A-, you do have to sauté the noodles, which takes a bit of patience, but after that you just let the noodles sit and cook and then add the rest!
Taste: A, definitely good!

Would I make it again? Yeah, I think so.  It is a great weekend lunch that has enough leftovers to be packed for lunches during the week!

Speaking of leftovers, I am most definitely having some of those leftovers for lunch today.  Along with my usual fresh mozzarella sandwich of course 🙂

What are you having for lunch today?

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Happy Monday!

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  1. mmm, i want this now! 🙂 this recipe is getting starred to make sometime very soon!

  2. i’ve never made or even had orzo before. wondering if it tastes and feels like rice! the recipe looks super yummy though!

    • Orzo is kind of in between rice and a noodle – I think technically it is pasta. If you like either of those I’m sure you’ll like it! And this recipe is super simple an definitely delicious!!

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