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Fruited Granola

Last fall I kind of had a granola obsession.  I was trying to to come up with things to give people for Handmade Christmas 2010, and granola is definitely something that is easy to make in large batches and put in cute containers to give away.

This particular granola recipe comes from the Thinkfood cookbook!  (I’m making progress on these recipes!  I will finish them before the year is up!)  It is from Michelle at Browneyed Baker.  You can find the recipe here. (Unfortunately the recipe post is no longer available)

As with most granola recipes, this is really simple.  Mix all of the ingredients, put mixture on cookie sheet, bake ingredients.

I did swap out the almonds for walnuts, and for the fruit I used the mixture below instead of the specified fruit – because I already had it on hand.

Berry Medley

This granola smells delicious while it is cooking!  Probably something to do with the cinnamon and ginger involved.

Fruit Granola

Fruit Granola

Ease: A, as with most granola, it was very easy to make – also easy to customize and substitute for things that you already have on hand.
Taste: B, I think I said this about the last granola that I made but I’m not actually a huge granola fan.  That being said,  I can see this being very good in milk like cereal, or in yogurt.

Would I make it again? I’m not sure.  After making so many different granola recipes, I almost feel like I can just mostly improvise and make my own recipe.  Almost.

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  1. I recently started making my own granola again – Jason is now gf so making it is easier than attempting to find it… I kind of just throw things together and hope it works! 😀

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