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Restaurant Review: Nitty Gritty – Middleton

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

If you live in the Madison area, I’m sure you are familiar with the Nitty Gritty. The Nitty Gritty is a sports bar type restaurant that puts an emphasis on Birthdays.  When you go there on your birthday you get a free drink in a commemorative mug – this means soda or beer if you are of age.  They also ring a bell and list off all of the birthdays that are being celebrated that day (customers and celebrities) and sing their Birthday song.  (This occurs about once every half hour.)  They used to call themselves “The Birthday Bar” but changed it a few years ago to “The Birthday Place” to sound more family friendly.

Would you believe that the first time I went to the Nitty Gritty  for my birthday was for my 21st?  I’ve lived in Madison all of my life, I can’t even believe that I hadn’t gone there before!

I’ve been back a few times since then for various birthdays and other occasions – including last weekend, which really was for no reason in particular.

Since it is closer to where we live, we actually went to the Middleton location of the Nitty Gritty that opened a few years ago instead of the downtown location.  The Middleton location has much more of a family vibe than the downtown location.

Both locations, however, are decorated with lots of Wisconsin sports memrobilia, and classic photos of customers celebrating their birthdays

Dayne Jersey

For dinner, the husband had Chris’ Roasted Garlic Burger with a side salad.  He said it was good, and very garlicky!

Gritty Burger

I had the Wisconsin Amber Chicken Sandwich (minus the onion rings and sauce) with waffle fries. It was SO good.  Usually  I don’t think I can actually taste the beer when things claim to be marinated or battered in beer but  I could definitely taste it in this!  And, actually  I don’t like beer very much (I know, not very Wisconsin of me) but I liked this!

Gritty Chicken

The waffle fries were delicious as well. But I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a waffle fry that I didn’t like. 😉

Overall the meal was really good!  Honestly, better than I remember it being in the past.  I was convinced that the menu has changed since the last time we were there, but the husband thinks it is the same as it has always been.

I should also point out that they have a gluten-free menu available as well – something that I definitely don’t remember them having before.

Taste: A, I really liked the whole meal!
Cost: B+, a bit more expensive than your typical chain bar and grill restaurant, but nicer atmosphere and better food as well!

Would I go there again? Yeah I think so.  I did feel a bit out of place being there and not celebrating a birthday, but the food was still good.

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  1. i love the nitty! 🙂 i’ve never gone for a birthday, but i’ve been there to watch sports or for dinner. it’s a madison classic! 🙂

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